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We offer the best value Atlas products online including Weight Gainers, Protein Powders, Carbohydrate Boosters and more ‒ all at a great price!

We offer the best value Atlas products online including Weight Gainers, Protein Powders, Carbohydrate Boosters and more ‒ all at a great price!

Based in the UK, Atlas are part of the Nutrisport brand. Atlas design and manufacture their own products. Their in-house factory allows for sufficient testing of raw materials to establish purity and quality before they are added to products. Due to their attention to detail, Atlas is a popular supplement brand amongst athletes and bodybuilders alike.

Discount Supplements have sold Atlas products since 2006 and consistently offer this brand at the best price on‒line.

Atlas have a variety of products which include Super Weight Gainer, all Whey, Carbo Charge and Leanmass MRP.

Atlas Super Weight Gainer contains a massive 1110kcal and 106g Protein per serving! This supplement provides you with the essential Protein and Carbohydrates, but without unhelpful amounts of Fat and Sugar. This is a great way of getting extra calories into your diet and increase muscle gain to achieve your desired body tone. Atlas recommend taking this product one hour before bedtime to support muscle and it’s growth while you sleep.

All Whey is a great product for building lean muscle, with its huge protein intake (34g!) and BCAAs. Protein contributes to a growth in and the maintenance of muscle mass and increasing protein intake may be of help to athletes and bodybuilders. BCAAs promote protein synthesis and contribute to muscular energy. This product mixes easily with water and is readily bioavailable.

Carbo Charge is a strong carbohydrate based drink to be taken before or after exercise. It gives the body the fuel it requires when exercising to prevent the breakdown of glycogen and reducing feelings of fatigue. It is unflavoured, so you can mix it with your favourite drink or mix it with a weight gainer or protein shake for further benefits.

Leanmass MRP is a meal replacement drink that helps athletes to build muscle mass, strength and reduce body fat. It contains two sources of Protein: a Whey Isolate which has a fast protein digestion and Micellar Casein which is digested more slowly and is rich in amino acids. As a result you get a continual source of protein for the muscles.

All of Atlas’ products are manufactured in an EEC registered milk processing factory. The products are analysed by the UK Analytical Service, and are free from genetically modified materials, meat products, stimulants or any products banned under IOC drugs testing.

So if you are looking for a trusted UK brand known for their effective competitively priced products then try Atlas Nutrition today.

All Whey

Atlas All Whey

5kg - 125 Servings
  (15) 4.0
£105.00 | Save: £47.41
Carbo Charge

Atlas Carbo Charge

5kg - 166 Servings
£35.95 | Save: £16.76
Super Weight Gainer

Atlas Super Weight Gainer

5kg - 17 Servings
  (67) 3.5
£59.00 | Save: £24.45
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