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We offer the best value sports Beet It deals online including Sport Pro-Elite bar, shot, Nitrate 3000 & much more.

We offer the best value sports Beet It deals online including Sport Pro-Elite bar, shot, Nitrate 3000 & much more.

Beet It has been growing fruit and vegetables on James White\u2019s Fruit Farm for over 23 years. In recent years, Beet It has boomed into the sports nutrition market. Designed for and used by rugby, football, Olympics and cycling teams, Beet It is used for anyone who’s looking for a boost of Nitric Oxide before doing high intensity sport. Beet It works by converting the dietary nitrate within the product into Nitric Oxide when it interacts with saliva into the cardio vascular system.

Beet It are made purely with beetroot juice mixed with lemon juice. There are a choice of products from the range, split into different categories: Sport and Organic. Beet It Sport come in two choices: a 70ml shot and a 60g bar, which both contain 0.4g of dietary nitrate. The shot was developed for less liquid intake, due to its strong taste. It is recommended to take a shot 1-12 hours before exercise. The bar is a tasty alternative containing oats, a brilliant snack with slow releasing energy. Beet It Organic comes as a 70ml shot, which contains 0.3 dietary nitrate, designed for anyone of any age and are conscious of their health. One shot is the equivalent of one of your five a day.

There is also a bottled juice option, coming in 1l, 750ml cartons, 750ml glass bottles and 250ml PET bottles. It is recommended that the PET bottles are diluted in water, or added to a smoothie, yoghurt or mixed with muesli or oats. The newest edition is the Beet It Organic with Ginger, 80% beetroot with real ginger and a dash of carrot juice to sweeten the warm flavour.

Beet It Sport Pro-Elite Bar, Beet It Sport Pro-Elite Shot, and Nitrate 3000 are Informed Sport registered.
For a healthy, hearty drink, full of amazing ingredients and a fantastic way for natural nitrates to enter the body when you exercise, Beet It provide an excellent solution!

Sport Nitrate 3000

Beet It Sport Nitrate 3000

6 x 250ml Bottle(s) - 6 Servings
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£35.94 | Save: £5.95
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