Avoid Excess Urine Output By Adding Electrolytes


A quick tip to help those of you making a conscious effort to increase your fluid intake is…ADD SOME ELECTROLYTES!

This simple technique is key to maximising your hydration status, and it does this by 1.) Reducing your total urine output because solute i.e. electrolytes (sodium, zinc, magnesium and potassium) causes an osmotic shift whereby the solute added to fluid is rapidly absorbed into the body, this causes fluid to follow via process known as osmosis 2.) The addition of solute increases the feeling of thirst, and 3.) The osmotic shift I mentioned above means more water is absorbed as opposed to being diverted to your bladder!

One of the best ways to increase electrolyte without excess carbohydrate is High 5 Zero, drop a tablet into approx 500ml of water and enjoy!


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