Rich Froning Randomly Drug Tested : Testing The Champ!


The Crossfit community is in full flow at the moment with the Crossfit Games Open underway. With this comes the glare of the world when Crossfit comes under scrutiny, and above all else so do the athletes! So the likes of Khalipa, Bailey, Bridges, Briggs and the current ‘fittest man on earth’ Rich Froning all have to be open to judgement and testing. Testing occurs all the time in the Crossfit world both literally and metaphorically, and in the last week it was no other than Rich Froning’s turn to be tested. This entailed Rich having to give blood meaning he can’t train for 30mins (which will have killed the champ mentally), and also provide a urine sample. Rich had to relax his bladder and pee in front of another man literally watching the pee leave his ‘old chap’ and entering the pot…that’s a chore in itself!

With all this being said, it’s great that the sport is being policed properly, that athletes are governed religiously and the world are watching the best athletes around, and not some juiced up freak! Rich’s dominance in the sport does raise many eyebrows as he is described as a machine that just keeps on going…beyond human almost! So for Rich to come back clean puts many a mind at rest, as well as further validating his title as ‘The fittest man on earth’!


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