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We offer the best value sports Cobra deals online including Pre Workout and Thermogenic supplements.

We offer the best value sports Cobra deals online including Pre Workout and Thermogenic supplements.

Cobra Labs was founded in 2010 by specialists in Pre Workout and Thermogenic supplements.

Discount Supplements started to stock the Cobra range in 2014 and offer some of the most competitive prices in the market today. Products include The Curse, The Ripper and, Cobra’s new product, Shadow‒X.

The Curse is a pre workout supplement which contains Creatine. Creatine increases physical performance in successive bursts of short-term, high intensity exercise. As a result you may see an improvement in Muscle Mass. The Curse is to be taken approximately 30 minutes before a workout (one scoop with water), which contains 145mg of caffeine.

To work alongside The Curse is The Ripper. This is a thermogenic product designed to promoe metabolism and support healthy eating and exercise goals. It may reduce food cravings and there’s a less chance of getting the jitters. The Ripper is one of a few powdered weight management supplements on the market. Take one scoop (with water) before breakfast.

Shadow‒X is an extreme pre workout which supports concentrated mental and physical focus. Shadow-X should be taken before exercise, with one scoop mixed with water.

All three products are in powder form and mix with water to make a delicious fruit flavoured drink. They all come in a variety of flavours. For example The Curse is available in Green Apple, Lemon Rush, Tropical Storm and Orange Mango while The Ripper comes in Pineapple Shred and Razor Lime. Finally Shadow‒X is available in Magic Berry and Neon Tropic.

If you are looking for focus and commitment then look no further than Cobra Labs.

The Curse

Cobra The Curse

250g Tub - 50 Servings
  (10) 4.0
£44.99 | Save: £15.89
The Ripper

Cobra The Ripper

150g Tub - 30 Servings
£39.99 | Save: £14.78
Daily Amino

Cobra Daily Amino

255g Tub
£36.00 | Save: £13.70

Cobra Shadow-X

270g Tub - 30 Servings
£46.99 | Save: £13.04
The Ripper

Cobra The Ripper

30g Tub - 6 Servings
£9.49 | Save: £2.70
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