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High in energy to provide fuel for the body, energy bars contain carbohydrates to be used by the body for fuel.

High in energy to provide fuel for the body, energy bars contain carbohydrates to be used by the body for fuel. As carbohydrates are the body’s primary fuel source, energy bars are ideal for those who take part in vigorous energy and endurance sessions.

Energy bars often contain a mixture of simple and complex carbohydrates, which means the body can initially access the simple carbs. The complex carbohydrates release their energy over a more sustained period of time.

Popular ingredients that make up energy bars include; oats, maltodextrin, puffed rice, dried fruit (e.g. pineapple, raisins, apple, apricot and banana), glucose, various syrups and honey.

Energy bars are the perfect companion for various sports and activities such as; long distance running, hill walking, triathlons, swimming and cycling. They work great during carb loads which are intended to maximize the body’s glycogen stores prior to an endurance based event.

Benefits of Energy Bars

Convenient nutrition bar
Easily digestible
Excellent energy source
Easy to eat on the go
Measured amounts of energy
Often contain added fruits and/or vegetable based ingredients

Energy Bars or Protein Bars?

Energy bars do contain protein naturally and sometimes they may even have added protein too. However, they are not generally considered to be a protein bar because the amount isn’t as high. Protein bars are not tailored for endurance athletes that require high amounts of carbohydrates, often they’re fairly low in carbs.

Plus, if we consume high amounts of protein this may lead to undesired results at crucial times leading up to a race or perhaps during a race. Protein is satiating macronutrient meaning that it fills us up quickly and takes longer to digest, unlike carbohydrates which we can eat lots of (as you’ve no doubt noticed!) and which takes less time to digest – meaning bars that aren’t high in protein around race times are in fact preferable to maintaining a higher performance.

Who Are They Suitable For?

Energy Bars are suited for a range of people, but specifically those who are wanting a good quality and convenient source of energy derived predominantly from carbohydrate.

Specific demographics include:

Endurance enthusiasts and athletes
Rugby players
Basketball Players

Energy Bar

High 5 Energy Bar

25 x 60g Bar(s) - 25 Servings
  (4) 5.0
£29.75 | Save: £12.48
Sports Bar

High 5 Sports Bar

25 x 55g Bar(s) - 25 Servings
  (2) 4.5
£29.75 | Save: £12.48
Natures Energy Bar

USN Natures Energy Bar

15 x 50g Bar(s) - 15 Servings
£26.99 | Save: £12.60
Advanced 4:1 Training Bar

High 5 Advanced 4:1 Training Bar

25 x 50g Bar(s) - 25 Servings
  (2) 3.0
£32.50 | Save: £13.31
Sport Flapjack - Dated Dec 17

Beet It Sport Flapjack - Dated Dec 17

25 x 40g Bar(s) - 15 Servings
£35.00 | Save: £13.89
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