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Energy chews are chewable tablets which can boost energy levels and assist the user to get more out of a workout or exercise session.

Energy chews are chewable tablets which can boost energy levels and assist the user to get more out of a workout or exercise session.

Although energy chews can be used by anybody, the main demographic which tends to favour their use is the endurance based market.

A particular challenge many endurance enthusiasts have when taking part in certain races like a marathon, triathlon or even when training hard is mid-way through their performance can diminish significantly largely due to rapidly reduced energy/fuel levels.

During a race, you may have seen some high performing athletes take in energy chews or energy gels. This is because they are loading themselves with energy to maintain performance. The ingredients these chews have are generally loaded with carbohydrate as this is the body’s prime energy source.

Carbohydrate sources may include:
Fruit juice(s)

These sources of carbohydrate are good sources of easily digestible and easily accessible.

How to Use

When you’re exercising/racing for 75 minutes or more, it’s generally recommended that you refuel at certain times to maximize performance although the directions on certain products will tend to give you specifics.
General Guidelines

Refueling Early and Often

Waiting until you’re hungry and tired is probably not the best idea, by this time you’re effectively ‘running on empty’ and recovering from this can be tough.

Taking in fuel little and often can really help, start out by taking a chew at around 15-30 minutes in and repeating every 15-30 minutes (even if you feel as though you don’t need it) to ensure energy levels are steady – slowing down fatigue and hunger.

Not Having Too Much…

The last thing you want is to feel nauseous when running or cycling for example as this can severely affect your time and will most likely result in stopping altogether, this can happen if too much of a product (or food) is taken during exercise.

When consuming chews, start small. If you’ve not had one before, simply have a small amount first and see how you feel.

Each 15-30 minutes try having a little more until you reach your ‘sweet spot’.

Upsetting our digestive system when it’s sensitive is not a wise move when we want to be at our best. Experimenting to see what works by building up as opposed to having too much straight away is certainly advised.

Have a little Water

After having an energy chew, try having a little water to wash it down.

Make sure not to have sports drinks AND chews at the same time as this can result in having too much energy at once, resulting in stomach upset.

Are There Any Other Ingredients That Chews Can Contain?

B Vitamins – such as B6 and B12 which contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue

Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) – to provide aminos

Caffeine – if a chew has added caffeine make sure to not have too many as excess caffeine during endurance is not recommended (if unsure seek professional advice)

Benefits of Using Energy Chews

Ready to go energy
Convenient source of carbohydrates
Provides quick results

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