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Being well hydrated is hugely important to living a healthy lifestyle.

Being well hydrated is hugely important to living a healthy lifestyle. Not only is water involved with a vast number of bodily functions and chemical reactions that go on without our knowing but the average human body consists of around 50-65% water.

When we take part in sports or exert ourselves through exercise the body uses more water than usual as is to be expected. We physically sweat which loses water; we also lose a lot of water when we breathe out.

Many athletes have felt firsthand the effects of being dehydrated and how their performance can be negatively affected. Just a small amount of dehydration can have a surprisingly large negative affect on our performance meaning hydration in sport is top of mind for many who take their performance seriously.

Those who take part in exercise and want to ensure peak performance should therefore consider how to ensure they are well hydrated, those who may be particularly affected are endurance athletes such as; runners, cyclists, triathletes and the like.

Although of course water hydrates, having certain ingredients added to water such as carbohydrates and electrolytes may be more effective during exercise.

Hydration products that exist come in many forms such as hydration drinks, powders and gels.

Isotonic Powders

Isotonic powders are carbohydrate and electrolyte formulas which aren’t strongly flavoured and can be consumed in relativity large quantities without being sickly (important when exercising to avoid stomach upset).

These powders together with water create hydration drinks that are great for assisting speedy hydration during prolonged exercise.

The best times to take these kinds of products are during:

Times of high fluid loss
Humid weather conditions
Endurance events

The term isotonic simply means that the solutes within the water are close to those within the cells of our body.

If there are more or less solutes in the body compared to the fluid we drink then this will mean the ingredients within the fluid will take longer to be transferred into our system because the body must first balance the concentration of solutes for proper absorption and utilisation.

Note: Following the instructions on Isotonic powders ensures that the mixture is suitable, adding more or less may mean that the mixture is not isotonic.

Isotonic Gels

Similar to powders in how they work, however gels come pre-made and ready to go. These are very popular amongst cyclists and runners who demand a convenient and ready to go solution.

Other Products

In addition to the above other products exist that can also help such as:

Energy Gels
Electrolyte Tablets

Hydration is something that should be taken seriously. Experimenting with products to find the one that works with you best could be a worthwhile endeavour to optimise physical performance during exercise.


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