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Isotonic Powders are powders designed to be used by those wanting the benefits of an isotonic solution.

Isotonic Powders are powders designed to be used by those wanting the benefits of an isotonic solution.

These powders contain formulations that assist the user to maintain performance during prolonged exercise such as triathlons, cycling events and training sessions. By being isotonic the solution may be absorbed more quickly when compared to other solutions where the body must equalise the concentration of solutes within the fluid first.

Many endurance athletes and enthusiasts hit ‘the wall’ or find that they ‘bonk’ which is due to their liver and muscles being depleted of glycogen. Taking an Isotonic Powder drink can assist to push back this time and maintain performance for longer, whilst also hydrating the body (provided the powder is mixed with the amount of water specified by the product to ensure it’s isotonic).

Ingredients Used

Carbohydrates are the main ingredient for isotonic powders, sources include (but not limited to):



Certain electrolytes are included within these powders oftentimes which are designed to assist absorption plus provide certain physical benefits such as:

Enhancing the absorption of water during physical exercise
Contributes to normal energy metabolism
Contributes to a reduction in tiredness and fatigue
Contributes to normal red blood cell production

Sodium, potassium, magnesium and potassium are the electrolytes that you will see.


To understand how Isotonic Powders work more specifically, let’s see what the word ‘isotonic’ actually means.
Isotonic: In order for a Isotonic Powder solution to be isotonic it needs to have the same concentration of dissolved solutes as the cell fluid within the body which is usually a tonicity of between 290-310 mmol/kg.

In order for us to ensure the solution is Isotonic, the powder must be mixed with a certain amount of liquid, if significantly more or less liquid e.g. water is used the solution will become either Hypertonic or Hypotonic.
Let’s see how that can make a difference\u2026
Hypertonic: When a solution is Hypertonic, this means that it has a higher concentration of solutes than the fluid in the body. That would mean that more powder which contains carbohydrates, electrolytes and similar has been used (compared to the isotonic solution).
This results being pulled from our cellular fluid to the inside of the gut, this increase in water assists with the balancing of the concentration \u2013 making it isotonic.
Hypotonic: When a solution is Hypotonic, this means that it has a lower concentration of solutes compared to the cellular fluid within the body. This would mean less powder has been used (when compared to the isotonic solution) and water will leave the stomach more quickly, but there will not be much energy taken from the solution as some of the carbohydrate will be left behind for the time being.
Lightly Flavoured & Easy To Consume

So that stomach upset is avoided, Isotonic Powders are designed to be easily consumed and lightly flavoured to minimise chances of gastrointestinal distress whilst exercising.

Who Should Consider Using Isotonic Powders?

Those who take part in prolonged exercise
Athletes and enthusiasts wanting to maximize performance in training/events
Popular amongst endurance athletes
Those who lose large amounts of fluid during a workout

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