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We offer the best value Health Aid products online including Vitamins, Minerals, Health Supplements, Toiletries and more ‒ all at a great price!

We offer the best value Health Aid products online including Vitamins, Minerals, Health Supplements, Toiletries and more ‒ all at a great price!

A leader in branded Vitamins, Minerals and Health Supplements, Health Aid has been a feature of the UK supplement industry for over 25 years.

It has an extensive product portfolio which contains over 560 products and is distributed to over 60 countries worldwide.

Discount Supplements have stocked this well-known brand since 2010 and continue to offer their products at the best market value.

HealthAid are dedicated to supplying premium quality products which are innovatively formulated by experts using the finest ingredients possible. All products are produced in their own GMP approved premises and scientifically researched for effiacy. Using this innovative and creative approach, HealthAid have ensured that many of their products reflect the latest nutritional and health information available.

They wish to be known for understanding their customer's needs and being proactive and responsive in meeting and exceeding their expectations. As a result products are carefully researched and nutritionally balanced. Many are suitable for use by the whole family.

In the main, their products are manufactured from natural sources. They are free of Additives, Artificial Colourings and Flavourings, Yeast, Gluten, Salt, Sugar and Dairy products. Many of the products are suitable for Vegetarians and a significant number for Vegans.

You will find only the finest ingredients in HealthAid products, Ingredients are rigorously tested for purity and potency so that you can be sure that products are up to the high standards you would expect from this brand. HealthAid constantly review and reformulate products that produce positive health benefits for you the customer. Products are constantly reviewed and reformulated to meet current market information and trends.

HealthAid's range of toiletries such as Skincare, Hair Care and Bath products are produced without cruelty to animals.

HealthAid understand that good nutrition is vital to health and that even with a balanced diet you may be missing some nutrients. They therefore produce a comprehensive range of top quality health supplements designed to support optimal health.

Make the healthy choice today with HeathAId.


Health Aid Livercare

60 Tabs - 30 Servings

Health Aid L-Methionine

60 x 550mg Tabs - 60 Servings
£10.99 | Save: £0.33
Green Tea Extract

Health Aid Green Tea Extract

60 x 1000mg Tabs - 60 Servings
£11.49 | Save: £0.35
Vegan Omega 3 6 9

Health Aid Vegan Omega 3 6 9

60 Caps - 20 Servings
£8.99 | Save: £0.27
Vegan B Complex

Health Aid Vegan B Complex

60 Tabs - 60 Servings
Green Coffee Bean Extract

Health Aid Green Coffee Bean Extract

60 Caps - 30 Servings
£19.99 | Save: £0.60
Garcia Slim

Health Aid Garcia Slim

60 Caps - 60 Servings
£14.98 | Save: £0.44
Saffron 177mg

Health Aid Saffron 177mg

60 Caps - 30 Servings
Pycnolife Plus - Dated Jan 17

Health Aid Pycnolife Plus - Dated Jan 17

30 Tabs - 30 Servings
£19.99 | Save: £16.01

Health Aid Coffeeslim

60 VCaps - 30 Servings
£19.99 | Save: £0.60
Ginko Vital Gingko Biloba

Health Aid Ginko Vital Gingko Biloba

30 x 5000mg Caps - 30 Servings

Health Aid FemProbio

30 VCaps - 30 Servings
Digeston Plus

Health Aid Digeston Plus

30 Tabs - 30 Servings
Black Garlic

Health Aid Black Garlic

30 x 750mg VCaps - 30 Servings
Omegazon (Omega 3 Fish Oil)

Health Aid Omegazon (Omega 3 Fish Oil)

60 Caps - 60 Servings
£14.98 | Save: £0.44

Health Aid L-Theanine

60 x 200mg Tabs - 60 Servings
£9.99 | Save: £0.30

Health Aid Iodine

60 x 300iu Tabs - 60 Servings
Magcitra (Elemental Magnesium)

Health Aid Magcitra (Elemental Magnesium)

60 x 1900mg Tabs - 30 Servings
Vitamin D3

Health Aid Vitamin D3

30 x 20000iu VCaps - 30 Servings
Vitamin D3

Health Aid Vitamin D3

120 x 1000iu Tabs - 120 Servings
Vitamin D3

Health Aid Vitamin D3

30 x 5000iu VCaps - 30 Servings
Vitamin C Prolonged Release

Health Aid Vitamin C Prolonged Release

60 x 1000mg Tabs - 60 Servings
I Dont Snore

Health Aid I Dont Snore

20ml - 100 Servings
Vitamin A Cream

Health Aid Vitamin A Cream

75ml Tube(s)
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