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We offer the best value MuscleMeds products online including the innovative Carnivor, Secret Sauce and more – all at a great price too!

We offer the best value MuscleMeds products online including the innovative Carnivor, Secret Sauce and more – all at a great price too!

MuscleMeds are a state‒of ‒the art brand that combine performance enhancement with pharmaceutical-based knowledge. They have developed new technologies designed to improve human and athletic performance. The company is known to have created some of the most exciting and innovative products available on the supplement market today.

The company was founded in 2008 by Gerard Dente. Dente was an American National level bodybuilding champion. He wanted to design products that were targeted for the serious hard-core weight trainer and strength athlete. They are for those who require scientific products, made to the latest research guidelines, which build muscle faster and help them to train better.

With a team of scientists, research and development experts and innovative ideas, MuscleMeds continue to create and present new ideas in sports nutrition.

Discount Supplements have stocked this innovative range since the beginning of 2015. We offer the range at the most competitive prices available on the market today.

The range includes the world famous Carnivor, Carnivor Raging Bull, Power Test, Secret Sauce, L-Glutamine Decanate, and Amino Decanate.

MuscleMeds set the standard of Beef Protein when they introduced Carnivor to the supplement market. This Beef Protein Isolate contains higher amino acid levels and Creatine content than other protein isolates. Each serving provides 23g of Protein. Protein contributes to a growth in and the maintenance of muscle mass. Therefore increasing protein intake may be of use to those following a strength or body building plan. Carnivor is also available in convenient bars.

Carnivor Raging Bull contains all the benefits of the original Carnivor but with the addition of 125mg of Caffeine per serving. Caffeine supports mental and physical focus and therefore this protein is ideal for consumption before your workout.

Power Test contains D-Aspartic Acid & DL-Alpha-Hydroxyisocaproic Acid. It helps to prevent muscle breakdown while supporting muscle recovery and growth.

For the Post Workout period, MuscleMeds have created Secret Sauce. It is designed to stimulate protein synthesis while replenishing muscle glycogen and ATP, It also contains BCAAs and Creatine.

L-Glutamine Decanate provides 5g of L‒Glutamine per serving. L‒Glutamine is an amino acid and is found here in a micronized purified form. It helps to promote muscle building, anti‒catabolic muscle protection and provide support after exercise.

Finally Amino Decanate contains BCAAs and L‒Glutamine which contribute to protein synthesis and muscle mass.

All of MuscleMeds products are original and innovative and it is this that drives their focus forward. Just as important, these innovative products deliver the required results which has led to a loyal customer base worldwide.

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