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We offer the best value MusclePharm products online including Fat Loss Supplements, Amino Acid Powders, Proteins and more ‒ all at a great price.

We offer the best value MusclePharm products online including Fat Loss Supplements, Amino Acid Powders, Proteins and more ‒ all at a great price.

Founded in April 2008, MusclePharm has gone on to become an award winning and worldwide leading sports nutrition brand.

Their products have been clinically proven for safety and efficacy and are designed for all elements of an active lifestyle, such as body building, athletic performance, weight management and fitness.

MusclePharm’s rapid growth has been credited to its dedication and commitment to producing quality products that customers love. Their aim is to develop and produce scientifically advanced supplements which enhance sports performance, strength and health.

Their philosophy is for every product to be formulated in line with what the founders, who are former professional athletes, believe in and will use every day. They live the MusclePharm lifestyle, from workouts, eating plans to supplements. The founders train at a state-of-the-art performance facility in which they use, test and perfect their products in the real world.

MusclePharm have won a variety of awards. In the past four years they have won more than fifteen industry awards including Brand of the Year in 2012. Other awards won were The Best Tasting Protein of the Year (2014) for Combat and Glutamine Supplement of the Year (2013) for their Glutamine supplement. In 2013 Amino 1 won the Recovery Supplement of the Year and the Amino Supplement of the Year.

MusclePharm is a global brand and is available in over 110 countries. They aim to provide athletes and sport participants with worldwide access to their innovative and safe sports nutrition supplements.

Discount Supplements have been stocking MusclePharm UK since 2013 and aim to deliver this popular brand at the most economical market price.

The range includes Combat, Assault, Amino 1 and Creatine. The supplement range includes powders, capsules and bars.

New to Discount Supplements is the Black range. Within this range is Oxysport Black, Creatine Black, Combat Gainer Black and Amino 1 Black.

Still not sure? Then MusclePharm invite you to examine their products, ingredients and processes to choose the best ones for your fitness routine. Then see for yourself how MusclePharm Fuels the Athlete Inside.

Assault Sport

MusclePharm Assault Sport

345g Tub
£42.49 | Save: £19.46
BCAA Energy

MusclePharm BCAA Energy

215g Tub
£52.49 | Save: £33.31
Shred Matrix

MusclePharm Shred Matrix

120 Caps - 40 Servings
£44.99 | Save: £22.92
Oxysport Black - Dated June 17

MusclePharm Oxysport Black - Dated June 17

90 Caps - 40 Servings
£49.99 | Save: £30.00

MusclePharm Creatine

300g - 60 Servings
£25.99 | Save: £10.65
Combat XL Gainer

MusclePharm Combat XL Gainer

5.4kg Bag(s)
£89.99 | Save: £40.08
Combat XL Bar

MusclePharm Combat XL Bar

12 x 90g Bar(s)
£52.49 | Save: £23.69
Amino1 Sport

MusclePharm Amino1 Sport

432g Tub
£37.98 | Save: £15.91
Combat Crunch Bar

MusclePharm Combat Crunch Bar

12 x 63g Bar(s) - 12 Servings
£52.49 | Save: £27.06
Fish Oils

MusclePharm Fish Oils

90 Softgels - 90 Servings
£21.99 | Save: £6.65

MusclePharm L-Glutamine

300g - 60 Servings
£27.99 | Save: £12.65
Armor V

MusclePharm Armor V

180 Caps - 30 Servings
£44.99 | Save: £20.03
Combat 100% Whey

MusclePharm Combat 100% Whey

2.2kg Tub
£82.00 | Save: £41.69
Currently out of stock
Combat Gainer Black - Dated Sep 17

MusclePharm Combat Gainer Black - Dated Sep 17

2.2kg Tub - 8 Servings
£64.99 | Save: £40.00
Currently out of stock
Amino 1 Black

MusclePharm Amino 1 Black

384g Tub - 30 Servings
£47.99 | Save: £24.96
Currently out of stock
Carnitine Core

MusclePharm Carnitine Core

459ml Bottle(s) - 30 Servings
£21.99 | Save: £9.52
Currently out of stock
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