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Caffeine-free pre-workout supplements are available for those wanting to avoid stimulants.

Caffeine-free pre-workout supplements are available for those wanting to avoid stimulants. These can still offer benefits due to the other ingredients they contain, but they’re suitable for people who are hyper-sensitive to the effects of caffeine. Some people need to avoid it for medical reasons, too. Being a direct stimulant of the central nervous system, caffeine is a common performance-enhancer. It can help to sharpen mental focus, improve reaction time and combat fatigue.

There are, however, certain contraindications to the use of caffeine. For example, pregnant and nursing mothers are advised to avoid it; research indicates that it may harm the baby’s development. Those with anxiety or cardiovascular conditions may also need to avoid stimulants, as these may exacerbate symptoms – for instance, high blood pressure. Some individuals are naturally more sensitised to caffeine, and thus more likely to experience unpleasant side effects such as raised heart rate, irritability, nervousness or ‘jitters’ and light-headedness. Though tolerance tends to increase gradually, sometimes it’s useful to have an alternative.

People who train in the evenings might find that standard pre-workouts interfere with their sleep habits. If you can relate, a non-stim pre-workout could add an edge to your training – one that is subtle yet effective, nonetheless.

Formulae can vary, but you’re likely to find a combination of active ingredients in the way of nutrients and herbal extracts, designed to enhance mental cognition and performance levels. Vitamins B6, folic acid and B12 play important roles in energy metabolism and can stave off fatigue. Amino acids such as citrulline malate, l-carnitine tartrate and beta-alanine are renowned for their ability to enhance muscle function, coupled with branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) which are integral to muscle protein synthesis.

Nitric oxide (NO) is a vasodilator, i.e. it increases the diameter of blood vessels. This action stimulates blood flow, delivering oxygen rich blood to the muscles and organs of the body. Therefore, NO precursors are commonly found in pre-training supplements. Essentially, you’re getting a blend of potent ingredients that work to create enviable muscle pumps, positively influencing your progress.

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