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We offer the best value Prime Nutrition products online including Fat Loss Supplements, Amino Acid Powders, Male Support Supplements and more ‒ all at a great price.

We offer the best value Prime Nutrition products online including Fat Loss Supplements, Amino Acid Powders, Male Support Supplements and more ‒ all at a great price.

Prime Nutrition is the brain child of Aaron Singerman and P.J. Braun. It may be a newcomer to the supplement field but they have made a big impact due to their drive and focus.

Prime Nutrition has quickly built a reputation as being a quality brand with transparency. This has led to the brand being supported by famous sports stars such as John Meadows, a renowned bodybuilder and bodybuilding coach.

Singerman and Braun have created nutritional supplements suitable for everyone, whether your goal is health and fitness, athletics or bodybuilding. Prime Nutrition supplements are tried and tested to ensure that the products promote performance, health and quality of life.

Discount Supplements have stocked Prime Nutrition since 2016 and continue to offer this popular range at the most competitive prices on the market today.

The range includes Amino Acid Powders, CLA, Fat Loss Supplements, Male Support Supplements, Fish Oils and Superfoods.

The Amino Acid Powders range includes Agmatine, B-Alanine, EAAs, Glutamine, L‒Leucine and L‒Taurine. Amino Acids play a role in a variety of biological processes including protein synthesis and promoting muscular energy. Protein is an important nutrient for those wishing to build and maintain muscle mass and therefore supporting protein synthesis may be of use to athletes and strength trainers. Supplementing with Amino Acids is an effective way to do this.

CLA, Conjugated Linoleic Acid, is a natural fatty acid which may help to increase metabolism and help with the breakdown of fats while Fat Burner contains a range of ingredients designed to support a healthy body composition. The ingredients in Fat Burner work to promote metabolism, improve mental and physical focus and help you to feel fuller for longer.

If you are looking for Male Support, try DAA Testosterone. This helps to boost GH and Test as well as promote protein synthesis.

Fish Oils such as Omega help to provide Joint Support, reduce Triglycerides and maintain healthy Cholesterol levels while Superfoods such as Phytoform provide you with a daily intake of Fruits, Vegetables, Fibre, Minerals & Anti-Oxidants.

So why take Prime Nutrition supplements? Well, in the words of Singerman and Braun, it’s because they actually take the products themselves and design products that they personally want. So it’s not just about the bottom line but about providing clear effective supplements that you, the customer, want to take.

The guys at Prime Nutrition pride themselves on being innovators and don’t sit around resting on their laurels so you can expect to see some exciting new ingenious products being launched in due course.

CLA - Dated May 17

Prime Nutrition CLA - Dated May 17

100 Softgels - 100 Servings
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