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‘All-in-One’ products have become a staple choice for many into living a Health & Fitness based lifestyle due to the convenience and ease of use they offer.

‘All-in-One’ products have become a staple choice for many into living a Health & Fitness based lifestyle due to the convenience and ease of use they offer. These All-in-One products (such as powders or bars) bring together multiple benefits into just one product, so won’t need to consume a whole bunch of other products!

Recently, All-In-One Bars have jumped into the fitness market that have the benefits of a traditional all in one powder…but in a bar!

All-in-One products are ideal for taking pre and/or post workout. All-in-One bars provide:

Fats (usually low to moderate)

Protein – contributing to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass, protein gives valuable amino acids to the body to assist in the repair of muscle tissue following being broken down during vigorous exercise.

Carbohydrates – energy is lost during a workout and taking carbohydrates can really assist to replenish what is lost. As carbohydrates are so assimilated by the body these can act relatively fast. Having an All-in-One bar before a workout can give energy up front to assist workout endurance.

Fat – oftentimes fat is found incidentally in food products that are used to make powders, bars and so on which is why fat (usually in low amounts) is found in most supplements. Sometimes certain fats is added to bars to enhance the taste and texture or to provide the benefits of a certain fat or oil such as coconut oil, flax or peanut butter.

Creatine – increasing explosive strength in successive bursts, creatine is used widely in fitness related products to provide benefits to those who consume it – having it in an all in one means that there’s no need to supplement further with it on that day as you’ve already had it.

When to Consume

All-in-One bars can be taken pre and/or post workout. If you’ve not eaten in a while and you have a workout coming up, eating an All-in-One bar can help to provide energy and nutrients to fuel you. Having one following a workout to assist in recovery and relishing energy can also be beneficial – simply have as and when to best suit your personal requirements.

These bars can also be eaten between meals to bridge the gap if required or to give extra energy during the day in line with your nutritional plan. All-in-One bars containing creatine can also help to keep Creatine/ATP levels fully topped up meaning there’s no ‘down time’.

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