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Eating enough calories more often than not is what it takes to gain weight \u2013 especially for the hard gainer.

Eating enough calories more often than not is what it takes to gain weight \u2013 especially for the hard gainer. It comes down to eating more calories than burn each day for an extended period of time to allow for the body to add weight.

Weight gain bars have been developed with exactly this in mind, each bar provides a decent to high amount of calories to help those of us who want to gain weight.

How to Increase Weight

Adding weight and building lean muscle mass is a calorie intensive process. When our body is in a place where calories are few and far between it makes sense that the body wants to preserve itself and the essential bodily functions, rather than add muscle. In short, many experts believe the body requires a surplus of energy to build new found, lean muscle mass.

If the body is in an energy deficit (taking in less calories than we burn) is creating muscle going to be the best use of the energy it gets? Not only are there vital functions that require energy, but when new muscle is made this requires resources/energy to maintain too.

When framed this way, it seems to be more understandable why putting our body in a state where it has plenty of resources to grow from helps to build muscle \u2013 being in a calorie surplus. However we don’t just want any old calories, we want high quality ingredients from premium protein sources, carbohydrates and fats and that’s exactly what Weight Gain Bars use.

Fortunately for those who want to gain weight, with the calories not being needing to be overly restrictive, brands can be free to create some great tasting Weight Gainer bars!

To get the best use of them, consuming a bar alongside a meal or even between meals is an effective way to bump up our personal calorie intake to encourage weight gain.

Advanced Mass Flapjack

PhD Nutrition Advanced Mass Flapjack

12 x 120g Bar(s) - 12 Servings
  (1) 5.0
£29.88 | Save: £12.61
Combat XL Bar

MusclePharm Combat XL Bar

12 x 90g Bar(s) - 12 Servings
£52.49 | Save: £23.69
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