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Pancakes are a real treat, not just on Shrove Tuesday!

Pancakes are a real treat, not just on Shrove Tuesday! For our friends across the pond in the USA, enjoying pancakes for breakfast is customary, and it’s something that’s become popular over here, too. However, with wheat flour being the main ingredient of the traditional pancake batter, this makes for a poor choice, nutritionally; it’s carb-heavy, and offers little else in the way of vitamins and minerals. This type of breakfast is unlikely to sustain you – and of course, maple syrup and other, sugary toppings simply adds more empty calories.

Enter protein pancakes: these are a potential game-changer! Though ingredients can vary across brands, the basis is will undoubtedly be whey protein; other forms of protein such as egg white protein may also be included. Often, less refined flour options, e.g. finely ground oats will be used in place of wheat flour.

Other goodies, such as medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) may feature, to deliver a balanced, ‘cleaner’ pancake mix. You might also come across stevia (or other alternatives to sugar). Collectively, this helps to lower the glycaemic index (GI), which provides a gradual release of energy. This helps to avoid fluctuations in blood glucose levels and appetite, so you can stay on track to reaching your fitness goals. Since they’re sustaining, protein pancakes make a great choice for breakfast or ‘brunch’ (they also make a super snack or treat).

Whatever you’re aiming to achieve – whether it’s muscle-building, fat-loss, or to improve your diet – protein pancakes can be incorporated into a healthy lifestyle. They’re deal for children, too. For extra variety, and to make the most of guilt-free indulgence, they’re usually available in a range of flavours, to help ward off cravings for ‘naughtier’ foods! You can add fruit, sugar-free syrups and spreads, nut butters… or whatever else takes your fancy; build a breakfast of champions!

Protein Pancakes

Muscle Moose Protein Pancakes

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