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We offer the best value Science In Sport products online designed to promote Endurance, Hydration, Energy and more ‒ all at a great price.

We offer the best value Science In Sport products online designed to promote Endurance, Hydration, Energy and more ‒ all at a great price.

Science In Sport was founded in 1992. It’s product range complements many sport disciplines but are particularly suitable for runners and cyclists. Science In Sport are Informed Sport Approved.

Top athletes such as Chris Hoy and Helen Jenkins use and test SIS products providing valuable feedback about effectiveness and efficacy. With this feedback, SIS can ensure their products do the right job ‒ each and every time.

Science In Sport products are externally validated by a World Class sports doping control laboratory, HFL Sports Science and are made at an Informed Sport accredited facility. SIS is also ISO 9001:2008UKAS accredited.

The product range is designed to support hydration, energy, endurance and recovery. Many of the products work to replace electrolytes which are lost during endurance events, especially when these are performed in hot conditions.

The SIS Go range contains a selection of Energy Powders, Gels and Bars. The Energy Powders contains Carbohydrates to maintain muscle energy. Simply mix the powder with water and consume one serving every 45 minutes of activity. Energy Bars are a convenient snack that can be consumed during your race or workout. Eat one bar before your event and then one bar for every 40 minutes of activity thereafter.

Caffeine Gels and Double Espresso Gels help to boost muscle energy and reduce fatigue. Easy to carry and drink when on the go, SIS suggest consuming one gel one hour before your event and then during the event as required.

Finally Isotonic Gels are perfect for replacing lost salts and potassium during a race. One quick shot and you’re good to go for another hour! Take 1 gel 40 minutes into your race, then up to 3 an hour.

The REGO Range are a selection of post workout products. Rapid Recovery is a fast digesting protein. Protein contributes to a growth and the maintenance of muscle mass and therefore may be of use after exercise. SIS recommend consuming one serving within 30 minutes of exercising.

SIS also have a Protein range which includes Powders, Bars and Night time Proteins.

Whey protein, Advanced Isolate Powders and the Protein Bars all support lean muscle build and maintenance. These products can be included as part of your everyday diet, to increase protein intake, and can also be consumed post workout.

The Overnight Powder provides your muscles with a continual stream of slow release protein throughout the night. It provides amino acid to support lean muscle growth and mass while you sleep.

Also in the range are Cycling and Running Nutritional kits which provide your body with the nutritional support it needs to promote performance during these sports.

Science in Sport are proud to provide athletes with nutritional products to help them to achieve their best. They understand their responsibility to you, the athlete, the competitor, and work hard to ensure that their products are safe to use at every level of sport.

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