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We offer the best value Seatone products online such as the Green Lipped Mussel Extract and more ‒ all at a great price!

We offer the best value Seatone products online such as the Green Lipped Mussel Extract and more ‒ all at a great price!

Seatone have over 30 years of independent scientific research to support the effectiveness of its Green Lipped Mussel Extract.

They use a processing method which is natural and does not involve the use of solvents. As a result their Green Lipped Mussel extract is highly active and functional. Each batch of Seatone is independently tested for quality and activity.

Since 2010 Discount Supplements have stocked this popular joint support brand which is sold at best market value.

Seatone capsules contain a unique extract of green lipped mussel which is found only in New Zealand, exclusively from the Coromandel Coast. It is known that some of the highest grade mussels are sourced from here due to the water and shellfish quality. Both are regularly tested in Government laboratories and Seatone also carry out further microbiological and physical testing to ensure that their products meet the highest international standards.

The mussels are selected at around eighteen months of age when they are in the best condition. They are taken to the factory in Auckland which has been built in line with pharmaceutical industry standards and has New Zealand Ministry of Agriculture, US FDA and EU registration. The mussels then go through an extraction process where the liquid is removed. This is then freeze dried into a dry extract which is milled into a fine powder and then placed into hard gelatine capsules.

Seatone is designed to help maintain joint mobility while being gentle on the stomach. It contains small amounts of Chondroitin Sulphate and Glycosaminoglycans. It also contains further nutrients to support joints such as naturally occurring proteins and minerals.

Seatone Green Lipped Mussel Extract has an anti-inflammatory effect on the surrounding soft tissue and may ease pain. It also combines with water in the joints to provide protection and lubrication. As well as this it may help to protect cartilage which can be subject to natural wear and tear as we age. Most experience a benefit from four to eight weeks of use although this does depend upon the individual.

So if you are looking for a joint support with a difference then reach for the Seatone range today!

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