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We offer the highest quality Wassen products at the best market price.

We offer the highest quality Wassen products at the best market price.

Wassen International has provided the highest quality nutritional supplements globally for over 35 years. Each of their products contains research proven ingredients, which adhere to Good Manufacturing Practice standards.

Whilst, a well-balanced diet should provide all of the nutrients required for health, reality dictates that this is often not the case. Food sourcing and farming methods affect the nutrient content of foodstuffs meaning that regular supplementation with vitamins and minerals can help to maintain essential nutrient levels within the body when those derived from food are inadequate.

Research forms the basis for all Wassen supplements. Validated scientific studies provide the source for ingredients. The products contain synergistic combinations of nutrients that help you address health concerns. Wassen is constantly seeking to develop new innovative supplements to aid all lifestyle stages.

At competitive prices, Discount Supplements offer a range of Wassen products: Silica Hi-Tan, Silica OK, Serenoa C, Coenzyme Q10 + Magnesium, Co-Enzyme Q10+Vit E, Magnesium OK, Confiance, One A Day Garlic, Pollen B, Selenium ACE Plus D and Organic Selenium ACE + D.

Silica Hi-Tan is part of Wassen’s we beautify range. It provides nutrients for skin, hair & nails. Silica OK is another product which helps to support healthy hair, skin and nails. Both are great additions to your beauty regime!

Serenoa C is a male support supplement. It contains the herbal ingredient Saw Palmetto which has traditionally been used to support prostrate health. The supplement also contains six vitamins, such as Vitamin C, D, B6 and E, and six minerals including Zinc and Magnesium. Each of these nutrients play an important role in various biological functions.

For those looking for energy support Coenzyme Q10 + Magnesium or Co-Enzyme Q10+Vit E may be of use. Wassen Pollen B may also help to improve zest and vitality.

The Wassen range includes two supplements for female health and well being. Magnesium OK helps to even out hormonal imbalance while Confiance is designed to provide nutritional support during the menopause.

Finally One A Day Garlic is a botanical supplement, Garlic has traditionally been used to support cardiovascular health. For immune support try Selenium ACE Plus D or Organic Selenium ACE + D.

So if you are looking for nutritional supplements to support your healthy way of life then Wassen is for you!

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