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Discount Supplements sell a range of Weleda Skin, Hair, Body Care, Oral Care and Homeopathic products at the best price.

Discount Supplements sell a range of Weleda Skin, Hair, Body Care, Oral Care and Homeopathic products at the best price.

Weleda is a world leader in holistic cosmetics. Founded in 1921, its aim is to support physical well- being and a balanced lifestyle. It consistently receives high reviews for its Organic, Fair Trade and Sustainability Ethos.

All Weleda products are suitable for Vegetarians and many are suitable for Vegans, Diabetics and those following a Gluten free diet, such as Coeliacs.

Award winning, Weleda skin care contains ten different collections, each designed for specific skin types. The collections are Iris Hydrating Care (for up to the age of 30), Wild Rose Smoothing Care (softens fine lines), Pomegranate Firming Care (for those aged 40+), Evening Primrose Facial Care (for those aged 56+), Almond Soothing Care (for sensitive skin), White Mallow (for hypersensitive skin), Men\u2019s Skin Care (tones, soothes and nourishes), Gentle Cleansing and Toning Range (for all ages), Weleda Skin Food (a deeply penetrating replenishing skin repair cream) and finally Aknedoron Specialist Skin Care for Problem Skin.

With regards to Hair Care, Discount Supplements stock Revitalising Hair Tonic (Strengthens & Invigorates), Nourishing Hair Oil with Rosemary (restores shine to dry hair), Wheat Balancing Shampoo (reduces dandruff), Oat Replenishing Shampoo, Conditioner and Treatment (for dry and damaged hair) and Millet Nourishing Shampoo (gently cleans and nourishes).

Weleda Body Care are natural therapeutic products and are available in a variety of botanical collections which include Deodorants, Body Washes, Bath Milks, Body Lotions, Body Oils and Hand Cream. The botanical ranges include Citrus (refreshing and invigorating), Sea Buckthorn (to soften and smooth), Wild Rose (for sensitive delicate skin), Lavender (relaxes and calms, Evening Primrose Oil (regenerates and strengthens) and finally Birch (for firm smooth skin).

The range also includes Calendula Massage Oil (for sensitive and delicate skin), Foot balm (refreshes tired and aching feet), Sage Deodorant (fresh herbal woody fragrance) and Stretch Mark Massage Oil (to help normal skin to remain elastic and flexible). We also stock Weleda Nursing Oil, for use before breastfeeding and Baby Tummy Massage Oil, to soothe baby\u2019s tummy and digestion.

Discounts Supplements also sell a range of Weleda\u2019s oral care products including toothpastes and mouthwashes. Plant Gel Toothpaste has been created for delicate gums while both the Salt and Calendula toothpastes provide natural protection for teeth and gums. Finally the Ratanhia toothpaste naturally strengthens gums and the mouthwash from the same range refreshes the mouth and breath.

Finally we stock a range of Weleda Homeopathic remedies, in the form of massage oils, massage balms, tablets, and sprays. Homeopathic and herbal remedies are traditional medicines which have been used to ease nausea, cold and flu symptoms, digestive complaints and various aches and pains such as headaches and bumps and bruises. Products include Arnica, Rhus Tox, Belladonna, Hypericum, Pulsatilla and Nux Vom. We also sell the Weleda Herb & Honey Cough Elixir which helps to ease dry irritating coughs.

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