Discount Points

Discount Points is the Discount Supplements loyalty reward program. We reward purchases with Discount Points which you can then redeem against future orders you make through the Discount Supplements website!


£1 spent = 1 Discount Points (£54.99 spent = 54 Discount Points)


1 Discount Point = 1p (520 Discount Points = £5.20)

How can I accumulate Discount Points?

  • Completing an order: 1 DP for every £1 spent
  • Setting up an Account: 10 DP’s
  • Submitting an approved Review: 5 DP’s
  • Liking a product through the Discount Supplements website for Facebook: 5 DP’s
  • Sharing a product through the Discount Supplements website for Facebook: 5 DP’s
  • Submitting an approved avatar: 100 DP’s
  • Birthday Points : 100 DP’s

Which orders qualify for Discount Points?

Discount Points are rewarded for all completed purchases which includes bundles, offers, short dated goods and subscribe and buy/subscribe and Save so you won’t ever miss out.

Do I need an account to gain Discount Points?

Yes, you must have an account set up with us to collect the Discount Points and with an initial 10 point sign up reward we set you on your way to building a fortune!

What if I forget to log in to my account?

If you make a purchase and forget to log in to your account, then if you contact us within 45 days of placing the order we will happily add the Discount Points to your account, contact [email protected] with your order number details and let us do the rest.

Do you run offers and promotions for Discount Points?

Yes, we will run offers where by you can collect even more Discount Points through double rewards and brand promotions.

Will I see the Discount Points in my account immediately?

Please allow 2-3 working days for the Discount Points to be added to your account, should they not appear then please contact [email protected] and we will be more than happy to help.

Do Discount Points Expire?

No, you can redeem Discount Points against any purchases on any future order, they DO NOT EXPIRE.

How do I redeem the points?

Simply add them during checkout at the basket page and watch the price tumble. It’s an easy method of adding Discount Points using the slider provided or you can max out and use them all, the choice is yours!

Can I use Discount Points on top of any discount codes?

Yes, you can use Discount Points alongside a discount code ensuring you get the best value for your items and enjoy big savings!

Can I transfer points to a friend?

You are unable to offer Discount Points to your friends, unless we are running a promotion that allows this, again keep checking emails and the offers page for latest promotions.

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