Efectiv Nutrition Complete Meal Replacement 1kg

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Flavour: Berry
£21.99 £35.99
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
James pennick
Suits me

This suppliment may be pricey compared to some of the others but it suits my dietary needs better keeps me fuller a little longer as normaly they don't touch the sides haha and it also has a load of good stuff in , so if I'm actually using it to fully replace one meal in my diet it works out cheaper for me to get the two 1kg tub bundle to make 20 replacements apposing too 14 meals for two weeks in

Jon L
Better than other brands

It mixes better than Huel and other supplement store own brands. The texture is runny rather than thick and tastes a lot better than any other meal replacement I've tried.

Reviewed at £21.99 for 1KG. The downside is the cost, it's 80% more than other store own brands. The store in question regularly has 50% sales making this 366% more expensive!

It's the best meal replacement I've found, but it isn't worth the price tag when compared to the alternatives. I would be willing to pay more for it than other products, but not over 3.5x the price.

Philip Latouche

Took it once and was happy with it, haven't taken it since as I have been very busy

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