Medi Evil Excalibur Fat Burner 90 Caps

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absolutely amazing product and service 5 stars !

really amazing fat burner, its my favourite by far, no gitters or nervousness from taking them and i take them ( 2 tabs ) an hour before cardio and i am absolutely soaked in sweat by the time i finish the cardio session, i will never use anything else ...the service i received was absolutely spon on, super fast dispatch and the item was really well packaged and exactly as described.. thank you for such a pleasant shopping experience ..5 stars

Appears to be effective

I haven't been active so I take these irregularly but even with that it has helped quite a bit and help make my clothes easier to wear.
You do however need to drink a lot of water with it as it contains a lot of black pepper derived ingredient. And try keeping moving for an hour. Ideally go for a light workout. Empty stomach is also very important.
I will revise this review in a few months.


They give me so much energy and stop me wanting to snack when bored

L Reed
Amazing product

Probably the best fat burner product I've used with some good results. Also used pre-workout and feel like I can go forever! Highly recommend.

Peter Nelson
Strong but user friendly.

Great product and doesn’t upset the stomach like others I’ve tried. They’ve got quite a kick though so I’ve only done one at a time rather than the recommended dose of two in the morning. Useful pre-workout.

Darryl Matthews
Great results

I was provided this as a sample pack with another order.
I noticed a difference after about 10 days so proceeded to order an actual full pack (well done discount supplements, great marketing lol). Now swapped from Grenade to this and very happy.

Simply the Best

I am Alternative Therapist so I am very cautious with products like this. After doing my research I found the formulation to be outstanding plus being a Vegan I was surprised to find I could use this product. Well the results were phenomenal so I couldn't recommend Excalibur enough. Bravo Medi-Evil!. Vio

Gary Simmons
Medi EvilExcalibur

Seem to work quite well, although I combine one of these in the morning with two PhD Lean Degree max strength in the afternoon, which works for me. Quite large but easy enough to swallow

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