Optimum Health Ultimate Mass Gain Pro 2.7kg

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Flavour: Banana Milkshake
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Customer Reviews

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Christopher Blackett
Ultimately the best

Does what it says! Top delivery as always 💪🏻

Michal Terczynski

Optimum Health Ultimate Mass Gain Pro 2.7kg

Syed Ahmed
Optimum health mass gainer

Firstly the service from discount supplements has always been great ! My personal No.1 place to order from .
I have not tried the mass gainer but was bought to help put some weight back on after having covid then long covid it absolutely killed all my muscle mass and strength I had that I worked hard for, let’s hope this mass gainer helps .

Jack Davies

Flavour of product is really nice and smooth

Jonathan inkpen

The scoops are huge. Bought for 17yr old son to supplement. Split the serving to three scoops post workout and then three scoops 12 hours later (Serving is six scoops @ 300g)

It is hard to mix and best to use a blender for a smoother drink. Boy likes the flavours (he has chocolate and strawberry)

Showing results: He is 17 and trains four times a week. Programme is 5x5 heavy to failure and every six weeks reduced weight by 20% for 3 x 12 to failure. He has gained 2 inches on chest and 1.5 inches on arms.

Best low sugar high calorie high protein supplement I could find.

OK, I'll be honest, I was looking to fill a gap now that PhD seem to have withdrawn their Advanced Mass product, and this seemed to be the closest I could find in terms of macros etc. I'm not necessarily using this to bulk up, but more as convenience to get enough calories in me throughout the day to get me through my workouts, recover from my workouts and build some definition. For me it's important that the gainer is not high in sugar content (most others seem to be filled out with sugar) and this really fits the bill. It blends very well, and is quite smooth. I use the vanilla flavour and add a tablespoon of Cadburys Salted Caramel Options when mixing and the taste is great. The reason I haven't given it 5 stars, and this is just me being picky, is the plastic scoop is a poor design, more of a shovel then a scoop and the opening of the pouch is very narrow making it difficult to get the scoops of powder out (I've therefore emptied it all into a container that's more fit for purpose). That said though this is superb value for money, and is packed full of quality ingredients, especially compared to other gainers; a lot of thought has gone into the ingredients in this. I will be buying again at this price. Shame there isn't a larger option to choose from.

Top quality powders

Very reasonably priced weight gain pro powders. Quick delivery. Very easy to mix and tasty as well.

Value for money can't be beaten

High grade mass gainer and also one of the very few on the market that doesn't rely on being pumped full of sugar to get the calories.

Flax and oats making up the mojority of carbs means you really can't get much cleaner

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