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Eating breakfast is an important way to start the day, as it literally involves ‘breaking the fast’.

Eating breakfast is an important way to start the day, as it literally involves ‘breaking the fast’. Getting an adequate supply of protein is vital in order to successfully build or maintain muscle mass. In the morning, your muscles are in need of replenishment, so the repair process can continue around your training.

Protein granola is a convenient, delicious breakfast food, but many commercially produced varieties contain nutritionally-poor ingredients, along with added sugar. Protein granola is different; it’s packed with good-for-you ingredients, designed to support your goals. As a nutrient, protein helps to keep you fuller for longer; this helps to curb cravings, which is valuable aspect of weight management. It also contributes to muscle development, which is essential to your progress.

With protein granola, you’re likely to find a blend of oats, flaxseeds and crispy pieces made with whey protein isolate. Other, nutrient-dense ingredients may include coconut oil, nuts and dried/freeze-dried fruit. The use of artificial colours and flavours will likely be avoided, in favour of honey, cocoa powder and other, natural additions.

The low-glycaemic index (GI) carbs in oats replenish glycogen stores gradually. Protein granola is thus, ideal as pre or post-workout nourishment, as well as first thing. Of course, for those of you looking to boost your calorie intake with ‘clean’ sources, you can enjoy your ‘breakfast’ as a dessert or snack, too! It’s especially nice sprinkled over Greek yoghurt with a few berries, or any fresh fruit of your choosing.

If you have a tub of protein granola to hand, you’ll always be prepared for those days when making breakfast from scratch isn’t practical. No-fuss options can be a real asset to your life! You can stock-up on protein granola, and keep it your store cupboard, or at work. On busy days, you simply add cold milk or yoghurt – lovely!

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