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Weight gainers are also known as mass-gainers. We offer the best value weight gainers online including powders, tablets & much more.

When put with a healthy, balanced diet, they work just as well as a recovery aid, a muscle builder and for weight gaining.

They should be used purely as a supplement, and normal food meals should not be replaced with them, to avoid becoming reliant on weight gainers. Weight gainers will only work if sufficient calories are consumed in the diet, alongside using a product. They are not designed to be consumed by themselves.

If you find you are struggling to take in more than enough calories, then a weight gainer will help to provide the surplus. A weight gainer shake contains upwards of 350 calories.

Weight gainers can be used before and after exercise, and also as a meal replacement, or in addition to your meal. Mixing ingredients such as protein and carbohydrates usually come in different ratios. Endurance athletes use weight gainers with a 5:1 carbohydrates/protein ratio, whereas most people will benefit from a 1:1 ratio. If you are someone who struggles to gain weight, a 1:2 ratio of protein to carbohydrates may be best.

If you want to be really accurate about how many calories you will need to take in in order for the weight gainer to work, have a look at the Harris-Benedict Equation. This works out your calorie intake based on your weight, height and age.

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