1500 Calorie Diet Plan : Calorie Controlled, Nutritionally Balanced Meals & Snacks

A diet that is at or around 1500kcal is probably rather low for a large proportion of our customer/user base. A low calorie diet is widely regarded to be anything below 800kcal meaning 1500kcal is undoubtedly quite low, particularly for a muscle bound person who might need in excess of 4000kcal in order to maintain that mass may wince at the thought of 1500kcal per day!  So any diet plan is subjective to the individual, their body weight and body composition. Of course body composition comes into play, for example someone who weighs 80kg but with lots of lean mass might be deemed an unhealthy weight according to the BMI score, this obviously isn't the case, so consequently they would be ill advised to follow a 1500kcal diet. Basically, this diet plan is a low calorie, high protein option for those who feel it will be of benefit to them, it is nutritionally balanced and ideal for somebody who wishes to shed some weight whilst ensuring macro and micronutrient balance is maintained. A low calorie diet such as this is fine, but not advised for long duration's if your regular requirements are at least 500-1000kcal more than this. Observe the diet (making appropriate changes/swaps to vary it) to help you achieve a target weight, or alternate a higher calorie day with a lower calorie day to keep things balanced and achievable. Give it a try if it meets your needs...

Total Nutritional Value

Calories: 1520 kcal

Protein: 89g 

Carbohydrate: 142g




-35g porridge oats with 200ml semi-skimmed milk, Cinnamon, & 1 heaped teaspoon of coconut oil (300kcal, 11g Protein, 38g Carbs)
-500ml water or squash




-2 Rice cakes with 1 tspn nut butter per cake (180kcal, 6g Protein, 12g Carbs)
-500ml water or squash



-1 chicken breast (150g) grilled or boiled (150kcal, 25g Protein)
-1/2 bag of wholegrain or basmati microwavable rice (200kcal; 5g Protein; 39g Carbs)
-4 floret’s of broccoli (30kcal; 4g Protein; 2g Carbs)
-1x apple (50kcal)
-500ml water or squash




-1x large or 2x small Bananas (90kcal, 1g Protein, 23g Carbs)
-1/4 100g bag of mixed fruit & nut (approx 25g or 1 handful) (165kcal; 5g Protein; 2.5g Carbs)
-500ml water or squash

Evening Meal


-150g grilled/ steamed/ baked Cod fillet (Pollock or Coley are cheaper alternatives) with lemon juice and black pepper (150kcal, 30g Protein)
-1 tsp Optimum Health omega oil blend drizzled on fish (45kcal)
-1 medium sweet potato (~120g) (110kcal; 1.5g Protein; 25g Carbs)
-1 or 2 tbspn mangetout, green beans and baby carrot mix (50kcal)
-500ml water or squash

Cost = £4.49 for the day (factored for serving size)

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