1 Year Old Apples : The Apples You Consume May Be 1 Year Old!

Many of the apples we consume are generally known as ‘Birthday Apples’ in the industry because of the 1 year spent in storage before they enter our supermarkets. Unless you’re fortunate enough to have your own tree, most of the the apples in general circulation have sat at low temperature, in low levels of oxygen, high levels of carbon dioxide, as well as being sprayed with 1- methylcyclopropene (1-MCP) and waxed prior to consumption.

The USDA’s Agricultural Research Service state that the above mentioned conditions that apples are stored in slows the apples natural production of ethylene, a key chemical contributing to the perishing process of apples.

So what are the consequences of this on human health, probably very little, but it’s just an interesting little fact that perhaps many would not have otherwise known, or expected! However, antioxidant levels may start to decline after 3 months meaning 1 year of storage may leave apples with next to no antioxidants whatsoever!


USDA’s Agricultural Research Service, (2013). Storage of Apples. Retrieved 15th Oct, 2013, from http://www.usda.gov/fundinglapse.htm

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