10 Foods To Combat Health Issues

A lot of us put up with common ailments when we should be fighting to feel fight and healthy. It doesn't have to be this way and you can help by making simple changes to your diet :)

1. Muscle Ache

Tart Cherries

Tart Cherries contain the same anti-inflammatory enzymes found in ibuprofen, without the risk of potential kidney and stomach-related side effects associated with pain killers.

2. Aging Skin


The vitamin C in oranges helps the body make collagen, the protein that is essential for skin elasticity.

3. Lack of Focus


This protein-packed food is also an excellent source of choline which boosts the brains ability to relay commands to the rest of your body.

4. Memory Loss

Sunflower Seeds

This super seed is loaded with vitamin E which helps protect the neurons in your brain from oxidative stress.

5. Low Energy


You may know bananas for being packed with potassium but they are also a great source of magnesium which is a key element in producing and storing energy.

6. Upset Stomach


If you have ever taken gaviscon for indigestion you will know it is mint flavoured. Peppermint aids digestion and soothes inflammatory pain in the gastrointestinal tract. One or two mints or a cup of peppermint tea post-meal can help.

7. Insomnia


Turkey contains tryptophan which is associated with aiding the body in producing the sleep friendly hormone melatonin.

8. Depression

Sweet Potato

Carbohydrates help regulate serotonin which is a mood controlling hormone known to promote feelings of happiness and suppress anxiety. Complex carbs such as sweet potato release energy slower which helps balance mood and avoid the mood highs and lows associated with simple carbohydrates.

9. Puffy Eyes

Green Tea

Puffiness under the eyes can be caused by excess fluid retention. Green tea can reduce unwanted swelling. Drinking green tea or alternatively pouring cold water on the tea bags and resting them over your eyes have both been known to help with this issue.

10. Anxiety


Peanuts are a great source of glutamine which is needed to make gammo-aminobutyric aci(GABA). A lack of this inhibits the brain from producing calming effects, leaving your mind running wild with anxiety.

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