3 Exercises Which Will Boost Your Shoulders And Get You Some DELTS!


Building your shoulders helps improve your overall physique by making it stronger and wider but for many of us it's an area which takes a long time to build up. If you naturally have broad shoulders then you will find it slightly easier to build good delts, however for us skinnier guys it can take a lot longer. Before I get into what exactly you should be doing in your shoulder workouts, let's take a closer look at which exercises are going to help you the most.


When looking to build a certain area, it's best to stick with pressing movements over isolation, as these will help break down the muscles further. This isn't always the same in every session but in most cases when looking to build up an area, you need to hit pressing exercises which will promote growth.


When building your muscles you also need to pay attention to the amount of calories you are eating, broccoli and rice isn't going to cut it. So, in order to develop a bigger and stronger physique you need to eat enough calories for your body to grow and develop. Therefore eating big meals and consuming enough protein, carbohydrates and fats will ensure you grow accordingly.

Shoulder Workout

Strict Shoulder Press - Stand with an Olympic barbell and keep everything engaged while pressing the bar above your head. Try not to bounce with your legs or move anything else apart from pressing with your shoulders. This is a great exercise for working on strength and building your shoulders.

Standing Dumbbell Press - Adopt the same position as you do with the barbell but this time use dumbbells to work out any imbalances you may have. When you use a barbell you tend to compensate with your stronger side to lift the weight. Dumbbells are great for strengthening weak areas and making sure you develop them to make you overall a stronger person.

Standing Side Raise - Finally, standing again to engage the core to perform side raises which will work the shoulders further. This is a great exercise to build the shoulders and work on your broadness and develop the delts further. Try different techniques with this by utitlising machines and dumbbells.

As for sets and reps try and make sure you test yourself as much as you can through each set you put yourself through. Don't forget to have your protein shake afterwards and re fuel correctly.

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