3 Things That Matter and 3 Things That Don’t! By Nathan Cruz

What are the things that matter most when it comes to training, working out, feeing great and so on?

Well here I’ve put a little list together of the top 3 things that I think matter most and three things that really don’t make much difference in the big scheme of things.

Anyway, let’s crack on…

3 Things That Matter…


Resting is something that gets overlooked so much. When you train at the gym you are putting your body under stress. The growth, repair and improvement in your physical appearance comes from resting after those intense workouts. Getting the right amount of sleep and taking half an hour after workouts to relax or even to nap can really help contribute towards growth and recovery.


Broken record right? We’ve heard it all before...

But God help me I cannot stress this enough! If you don't put the right oil or fuel into your car does it work? No. Your body is the most complex engine imaginable and it needs the right fuel. If you are serious about changing your physique or developing further with your athletic goals, educate yourself on what your body is going to need and WHEN it will need it.


Staying constant with your plan (either it be a 6 week bulk or 8 week cut or simply increasing your PB) consistency is the key. Dedicating to it for a couple weeks then taking a week to take it easy is useless. You need to stick at it, leave no room to look at yourself and say "if only I had done this”...

You want to be able to say I owned every second that I could give to this plan and now, it's paid off!

3 Things That Don't…

Always Doing the 'Required Reps'

Say your arm workout calls for three sets of 10-12 reps with the 90 pound preset barbell. Upon reaching the rack, you discover the 90 pounder is nowhere in sight. Should you search high and low for it, only to come up empty and cool down completely from your workout? No. Just use the 80 pound bar and do a few extra reps, even if your rep totals now fall outside the beloved (and mythical) hypertrophy range of 8-12.

Exercise Order

Order does sometimes matter, especially with exercises that are inherently complex or high-risk. Just don't try to max out on a box jump after a heavy set of squats! Actually, there's never a good reason to max out on a box jump, but that's a different story...

And if you have to plank after pull-ups because your goblet-squat dumbbell got scooped, don't worry about it, it’s not ideal but it’s not the end of the world either. The worst thing that you can do is wait for ages and cool down, just move on to something else first. Perhaps that means you have to change the rep range but again it doesn't matter, what matters is that you're still hitting that body part hard.

All the Gear No Idea

Certain people have the misconception that if they don't have the right gym attire, they can't train. Truth of the matter is as long as you have a healthy working and able body, then you can workout. So many people you see coming into gyms with a New Years resolution, have spent a small fortune on gym wear because they want to have the 'correct approach'. The correct approach is what is in your head, not what is on top of it. I once got to my gym and realised I hadn't packed my trainers, did I leave and chuck my workout? Nope! I was squatting in a pair of timberlands because the workout was far more important…or I could’ve just done it barefoot or in socks - simple.

…and there you have it, a few things that matter and a few things that don’t.

We all need a little perspective sometimes and hopefully you got something form this.

Until next time guys!


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About the Author

Nathan is a WWE Pro Wrestler based in Hull. Obsessed by the sport as a youngster, at the tender age of 10 he became determined to succeed in the industry. He went pro at 19 and hasn’t looked back since. Committing to grueling workouts and diet regimes over the years has resulted in Nathan becoming a great source of knowledge and information on training.

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