3 Ways Training Should Change going into Autumn/Winter

With the change in seasons, our physique can change very quickly due to the abundance of tasty, seasonal foods and reduced activity. We understand that it can be more difficult to motivate ourselves to work out and avoid comfort foods when it is dull outside- BUT that doesn't mean you should give into those thoughts!

It's easy to put on a lot of fat in a short space of time and also lose sight of our goals over this period. Make sure that you continue to schedule exercise into your week. It might be difficult to stick to at times, but not nearly as difficult as breaking the habit and falling into the 'new years resolutioner' group is. Balance is everything!

Below are three ways that we would suggest changing how you go about your sessions to put yourself in the best position to continue to make progress year round.

1) Maintain energy output

Less hours of daylight, rain, lower temperatures. Without even realising, almost all of us begin walking less, reducing trips out of the house, and simply wanting to spend our free time snuggled up inside! Due to this, our NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) is drastically reduced. We need to be aware of this when identifying why weight may suddenly start creeping upwards. We would recommend tracking steps, this data gives an incentive to end a session with a 20 minute steady walk to keep active.

2) Warm up enough

Some gyms are incredibly cold over the winter. To avoid injury, make sure that you are fully warmed up before attempting any working sets. Spend a little more time on mobility (dynamic stretching, band work) and do some high rep sets with an empty bar or very light weight to prepare before the session begins.

While warming up, in itself, might not change how we look. Avoiding being injured means that we won't have to take long periods off the gym to recover. It might also allow us to go heavier and achieve a better mind-muscle connection.

3) New Goals: Lean Bulk?

With summer out of the way, you may be struggling for a goal to keep you motivated to go to the gym. As discussed, this can be a huge contributor to people 'falling off the wagon'. Give yourself a reason to be accountable. This is a great opportunity to focus on building calories, following a strength programme and/or building new muscle tissue.

About the Author

Savannah Westerby. BSc Sport and Exercise Nutrition. Instagram: @savannahwesterby

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