The 360 Health Plan With Tom & Scott - Industry Recognised Health & Nutrition Experts

Tom and Scott are an industry recognised duo who have 25 years’ worth of health, fitness and well-being experience between them. Tom and Scott are the resident health and nutrition experts at Discount Supplements, the largest multi- brand supplement retailer in Europe. With the persistent requests for nutrition plans, training regimes and lifestyle coaching that the duo receive, and with their wealth of experience with previous clientèle, Discount Supplements could no longer ignore the customers demands. So we decided to put something special together for you...

The 360 Health Plan - With Tom & Scott

It’s difficult to quantify their combined value in monetary terms, but here’s an idea of what the duo have done:

Tom has worked in the NHS as a state registered Dietitian consulting clients on a range of areas including weight management (weight loss and weight gain), Diabetes and gastrointestinal conditions including Coeliac disease, Lactose intolerance and IBS (to name a few). He has also worked directly with professional football teams such as Ipswich Town FC, the current UKBFF Bodybuilding Champion El Noval, a National Tennis Academy and Netball players, professional boxers and up and coming UFC fighters.


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Scott is a highly regarded personal trainer boasting 10 years of personal training, including a long and highly successful stint at David Lloyd Leisure, the UK’s largest gym franchise. He was then head hunted to deliver personal training and nutrition consultancy on Caribbean cruise ships which saw him travel the world to do what he does best. Scott has trained with some of the top athletes in the world, and has a close working relationship with a hugely influential agent in the Health and Fitness sector. This has seen him feature as a model in major marketing campaigns for top designer brands and more.


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With Tom’s evidence based and proven professional nutrition background, and Scott’s personal training and strength and conditioning skill set, we are offering you a dynamic duo who warrant every penny of the £10,000 investment you will make!


So what do you get for your money?


- A LOT of time, 365 days of devoted time to YOUR goals to be exact

- Access to 20 years of nutrition and fitness expertise

- 24/7 contact with Tom and Scott

- Completely bespoke weekly diet plans

- Weekly meal prep completed by a professional chef and delivered to your door

- Programmed weekly weigh in’s and dietary assessment either at home or in an agreed location

- Tailored nutrition supplement regime that is targeted to your exact needs week on week

- FREE supplements worth over £400 (monthly delivery)

- Minimum of 48 programmed home visits and personal training sessions

- FREE referral to 1 family member or friend which entitles them to 12 weeks’ worth of Tom and Scott’s services

- 12 month 'Health Pack' containing a periodised 365 day plan covering nutrition, fitness and well-being, nutrition packs and general recipes, exercise routines and information resources that include DVD’s, magazines and much more!

A genuine one- off opportunity


This kind of service, with this level of experience and trainer validity doesn’t come up very often. The price tag is worth it because you’re investing in YOU, not some gimmick, not a car or some other overpriced materialistic item, you will be investing in yours and your family’s future wellbeing! As a multi- million pound company we are proud to employ these guys, and we now offer you the bespoke service of Tom and Scott.

This offer will demand 100% of Tom and Scott's time and effort, consequently it will only be available on an exclusive first come, first served basis.

For more information on how you can capitalise on this great opportunity, contact [email protected]

We look forward to teaming up with you on The 360 Health Plan journey to optimal health, well-being and vitality!

Bookings subject to availability.

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