5 Foods You Must Buy At The Supermarket


Often I will be asked ''What are the best foods I can buy for lunch''? Or ''What foods shall I buy from the supermarket when I go because I usually just wander around and grab what I fancy''? I want to give you five top foods that you really shouldn't miss out on whenever you go to the supermarket. These five foods are healthy and taste good. I also want to give you options so that you can be creative too. I find with some people (and if you relate to this then I know how it feels) that you can get bored easily with foods. So the more creative you can be, the longer the healthy eating will continue.

Healthy Options 

So you want to lose weight but you are unsure of what foods you can eat? Do you find it hard to prepare your lunch the night before and so, the next day you hit the supermarket on your lunch break? Normally when this happens healthy intentions go out the window and you grab anything just to satisfy your stomach. When you reach the point of being hungry all you want to do is grab any type of food and stop feeling hungry. So going to a supermarket on an empty stomach with your eyes just about ready to pop when looking at different foods isn't a good idea.

Stick To A List

The best thing you can do is write a list so you know exactly what foods you are going to buy. I am sure many of you will agree with me that when you go into the supermarket without clear intentions of what you are buying, your eyes will wander. You will end up filling your basket or trolley with items you wouldn't normally buy. So write a list prior to going so that you don't do this. If writing a list isn't a cool thing to do, type it in on your notes section on your phone. Whatever you have to do, make sure you have a plan before you go. Seriously, this works!!

5 Foods For Lunch

Source of Meat - Protein first as a rule of thumb right? Well it is only right I state buying a source of protein first in this article. So the choice is yours but usually the best option is to head to the deli counter and grab yourself some meat. Opt for chicken, turkey or beef to stay creative and keep you full.

Rice/Pasta - Accompany your protein with a carbohydrate source such as rice or pasta which will give you energy and make your lunch more satisfying. Use a pre packed rice or fresh pasta to give it good taste.

Nuts - Why not sprinkle some nuts over the lunch which will help aid in digestion and keep you feeling fuller for long. Cashew or             macademia  nuts are perfect to use with any type of lunch dish. Healthy fats such as nuts are great for your body! A handful of these will be great.

Yoghurt - A lunch isn't a lunch without a yoghurt. Unfortunately for you I am not talking about a muller, chocolate balls corner. Nope! I am referring to natural greek yoghurt. Total 0% yoghurt or Danio are great choices which you can have after your lunch.

Water - You can't have a lunch without a drink to wash it down with. Water is your best choice as it won't bloat you and will keep hydrated. Drinking water also means the nutrients of the foods will get to their destination quicker within the body.


The Outcome

If you are looking for five staple foods that are healthy and are going to help in your quest of losing weight or gaining muscle these are ones to start having. It goes without saying that there are also many other food types and groups you should be having too.

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