5 Germ Hotspots You Might Not Necessarily Think About



I am by no means a clean freak, I’ll drop food on the floor and eat it, heck I’ll even throw something in the bin, realise there was a bit left and fish it out again…I ain’t fussy! However, an interesting bit of insight into germ riddled items was actually quite interesting. So we know that germs are just about everywhere right, but here are some items that need a good ol’ clean in order to keep them user friendly…


1.) Your mobile phone….this little item is carried everywhere with you, it’s placed on counters, work tops, dropped on floors (even more so if you have an iPhone…you know how it is), held after touching a dirty door handle, and used to tell your friends just ‘how hard you’re training in the gym’ Grrrr! The mobile phone can be very difficult to clean (especially if you have traditional key pads), but it is recommended that you clean it (and your hands) at least 2 times a day with an antibacterial wipe of some sort.

2.) Computer key board…. Not surprised? Me neither, especially when you consider the amount of food that gets dropped in between those keys! If you have a wipe clean key board with no gaps around the keys then you are safer from germs, just be sure to make the most of the clean design and CLEAN IT. Your keyboard has been known to contain more than 10x the amount of germs on your toilet! You can clean it by spraying with pressurised air or hovering, and then cleaning with an antibacterial wipe of some sort.

3.) Keys…. Those little items an become riddles with germs for similar reasons as your phone, you carry them everywhere with you, you drop them and you very rarely clean them… if ever! Be sure to give these a wipe down from time to time to minimise the spread of germs.

4.) TV remote… We can all relate to this one, the remote gets lost down the back of the sofa, it’s dropped on the floor (sometimes thrown), it’s nibbled by animals AND humans, and is rarely consciously cleaned. You should make an effort to give these a wipe over with an antibacterial wipe at least once a day, and be sure to wash your hands after. As for the remotes in hotels, heck, I’d use the buttons on the actual telly to change channel, the exercise will do you some good anyway.

5.) Door handles… Perhaps not a surprise at all, but you’d be surprised just how many people overlook the germ harbouring door handle. It’s very easy to spread germs via door handles, they are touched countless times in a day, rarely cleaned, and difficult to avoid! Where possible it’s advised to used tissue or something similar to use a handle, as well as not washing your hands until you have opened the door. It is good practice to wash your door handles every time you have had guests around.


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