5 Good Reasons Why You Should Drink Coffee...


Your morning mug of joe does more than just perk you up in the mornings, there are actually some health benefits that go along with every mouthful. Not that you need an excuse to feel better about drinking coffee, but here are 5 good reasons why you should continue to drink it every day....

Improve Your Memory 

Are you always forgetting something or don't remember where you left something important? Fear not, John Hopkins University research found a double espresso turbocharges your memory for up to 24 hours.Win some points by no longer being forgetful and turning up to places on time :)

Perk Yourself Up 

Everyone knows coffee helps perk you up but did you also know that research from Harvard School of Public Health found four coffees a day drops your depression risk by 20%. You might think four coffees a day is quite extravagant but even having half of this going to help reduce your risk. If you think about it, putting yourself into a happier, more merry mood is going to help keep your spirits lifted and prevent you from slumping into a depressive mood. Pour yourself another cup of coffee....

Build Endurance

Coffee helps you when you are out on the road running or cycling due to it's caffeine content. It works as a bronchi dilator which gives the desired muscles a better blood flow and oxygen supply which allows you to push for longer. It also allows your body to work harder and therefore your performance is greater. An espresso before training can help increase endurance by 26% according to research from the University of Birmingham.

Torch Fat

That's right, coffee can target fat on the body and help you look in better shape. It does this by boosting your metabolism and suppressing your appetite so that you don't get the cravings for sugary, rubbish food! Choose wisely however, a black coffee will help, a caramel cappuccino is less likely too.

Beat Diabetes

Finally, drinking a cup of coffee a day could help cut your chances of type diabetes by 10% according to research from from the Institute for Scientific Information on Coffee. The trick though is to cut out sugar from your drinks to further reduce other risks of illness and keeping body fat low.

Coffee isn't so bad after all and it can actually help with your health and physical performance around sports. Like most things in life, if you have too much of something it could be detrimental to your health, so make sure you allow everything in moderation.

Reference -http://www.menshealth.co.uk/healthy/addictions/9-ways-coffee-improves-your-health

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