5 Rules Of Gym Etiquette : Make Muscle Not Enemies

1.) Put your weights away

Yes we’re cutting straight to the chase! OK you may have seen Arnie throw his weights down after a set and walk off to the next exercise, what you don’t see is his trainer racking them off camera. Take it from me, the weights always go back.

To those ‘seasoned lifters’, well done, you can bench 120kg for reps. Now explain why it is you can’t put the 4x 20 and 2x 10 plates away after? You’re obviously acquainted with the gym, yet you seemed to miss the un-written rule that says…show some common courtesy!

2.) Get off the blower

‘Ye ye I’m all good thanks, just at the gym training’…ye righto, sitting on a bench with ya phone pressed to your ear doesn’t constitute training. If it’s an important call then it’s worth the time and effort to get off the bench and go outside to speak properly. If it’s not then do us all a favour, finish your sets and move on sir.

3.) Wipe up after yourself

You’ve been working like a trooper, you’re bloods flowing and you’re feeling pumped, damn, you’ve even broken into a sweat from lifting weights…the trouble is, we all know about it because of the moist spots you’ve kindly left on the bench. I’m all for working hard and exerting enough energy to raise your temperature enough to induce sweat, but have the decency to give it a spray and a wipe after.

Sweat on a bench doesn’t suggest hard work, it suggests you’re lazy.

4.) Don’t spend all day on a machine

The cable machine is an incredibly versatile piece of equipment, but that doesn’t mean you get to spend the whole session on it. As a matter of courtesy, do an exercise or two and move on for a bit to allow someone else a go, or better still offer to alternate with them. If they don’t like that then swiftly return to the machine and cable fly in their face…they can’t say you didn’t offer!

5.) Don’t dry your nuts like a German porn star

You’ve finished your session, you’re feeling pretty good about yourself and you’ve had a nice hot shower for your troubles, but remember this… it by no means gives you the right to stand on the bench with one leg whilst drying your old fellas with your towel. Some of us have to eat after the gym, so do us a favour chaps! Hygiene is paramount, but Mitch Buchannon after a hard day on Baywatch is not the way.

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