5 Tips for BETTER Calves

When it comes to your favourite body parts, when do you train them and how much focus do you put on them? If you’re like many people, arms, back, legs, chest all come WELL before calves!

5 Tips for BETTER Calves #1 - Focus on Them!

Do you find yourself training for 45 minutes plus for body parts like chest and back? Putting all of your mental and physical effort into really pushing yourself when it comes to the particular body parts and then (after all that effort and you’re running on fumes) find yourself tacking on a couple of sets of calves?

If this sounds familiar then NO wonder they are lagging!

Even if this isn’t exactly your case, I’ve found that most people with underdeveloped calves have calves way down on their priority list when it comes to their training split.

Put them first for a few months and see how they respond, train them when you’re fresh and once you've really given them your all…then train your next body part.

5 Tips for BETTER Calves #2 - Train Them Multiple Times Per Week

If you've been training your calves with real intensity for some time and they don’t seem to be growing, try training them more times per week.

Two times per week is usually a good option for most people. If that even doesn't work try three or adding in a few more sets to increase the overall volume that you’re exposing the calves to for growth.

5 Tips for BETTER Calves #3 - Use Heavy Weights

Calves are just like every other muscle, they respond when they are pushed beyond what they are used to and grow so that they are better adapted to dealing with the workouts.

When doing really high repetition sets, we often stop because the pain gets way too high and we can’t focus anymore.

Although high reps can build up mental strength, they can sometimes be more like an endurance workout rather than a workout that stimulates growth. Sure you may get some results at first, however we want the MUSCLE to ‘fail’, rather than stopping short of failure because the pain is too great or your respiratory system is struggling.

Use heavy weights, 6-8 reps or 8-12 is usually a good range for most of the sets.

5 Tips for BETTER Calves #4 - Don’t Bounce!

When doing any exercise that involves the calves, don’t BOUNCE the weight. When you do this, the muscles aren’t being stimulated effectively - rather the Achilles tendon is being used and it’s elastic properties are being displayed.

So, to avoid using the Achilles tendon….pause at the bottom of the movement and explode up…then slowly lower the weight…..pause….EXPLODE up…and repeat.

Simple tip which makes a massive difference.

5 Tips for BETTER Calves #5 - Have patience

Like any muscle group, you need to have patience and keep at it before any serious growth is going to take place.

Don’t keep changing your workout routine every two weeks, give one your best shot and if over time it’s not working then look to adapt it.

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  • Jo Lavine-Smith
    May 16, 2016 Jo Lavine-Smith

    Not a bad article. Patience is a very good point when it comes to building better calves or any other muscle.

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