5 Ways To Reduce Muscle Soreness

Muscle soreness can be a right pain in the butt, literally, especially after putting in an intense workout at the gym. This just comes with the territory of keeping in good shape so you will have to accept from time to time you are going to walk like bambi on ice, or worse still, look like the hunchback of Notre dame after an intense upper body session. You know what I am talking about, that feeling the next morning when you just can't move your limbs and feel incredibly weak! We have all been there, and suffered so without further delay here are five sure ways that can help reduce that soreness. Let's take a closer look...

LISS Training

Low intensity steady state cardio exercise can really help reduce the aches and pains. How? Well, after a heavy lifting session your body can really respond well doing a warm down that allows more blood and oxygen to build up in the area worked. Therefore after a legs session it would be beneficial to walk or get on the static bike to reduce muscle soreness. For upper body perhaps the rower or some cross trainer work will be best suited to relieve the aches.


Using certain supplements like glutamine and whey protein can really help reduce muscle soreness. One of glutamine's main functions is to prevent catabolism which is the further breakdown of muscle tissue. So in this sense having between 10-20 g of this stuff after a session is going to help you especially for the next day in terms of recovering. Protein is an absolute must as this is the muscles number one source of fuel, so giving them enough of the stuff will also help minimise aches and pains.

Magnesium Spray

If you haven't heard of this wonder spray then you are going to be in for a RIGHT treat! Many athletes use magnesium spray and all you need to do is spray this onto the area of your body you have worked. Once you spray the area then you can just leave it to work it's way into your body through the skin. Obviously with the spray on your body you could always massage the area to relieve any tight knots. Magnesium is great for relaxing the body, especially tight muscles so they can recover quicker.


The wonder food that is eggs will really help your body recover especially seeing as these beauties contain the amino acids which your muscles require for repair. In particular the amino acid in eggs is Leucine which is the number one amino acid when it comes to re building, repair and the re structure of your muscles. You will find pretty much all the goodness in the yolk of an egg, so no throwing those bad boys out!!

Stretching and Mobility Work

The final piece to this puzzle is making sure you stretch enough to relieve your body of any tight knots, prevent injuries and to help relax your muscles after intense training. Stretching after your workout for 10 minutes will be good enough and of course stretching at other times to prevent soreness is also advised. Most gyms come equipped with foam rollers these days so if you withstand the pain it is beneficial to hop onto one of these too.

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