Activate Your Immune System With These Shield Guarding Foods....


This time of year can cause all sorts of different viruses and infections being spread from person to person leaving you feeling rubbish and down in the dumps. The cold weather can reduce your immune system which can increase your chances of being susceptible to different bugs and infections that are going around. As always though, we are here to give you the best advice on what to eat to combat any infections that might be lurking around in the air wherever you are. Here is a list of what foods you should eat and why...


This fruit (yes fruit and not vegetable) is exceptionally high in flavanols which is an antioxidant responsible for fighting free radicals within the body. Free radicals are harmful organisms that attack cells in the body and can cause deadly diseases like Cancer. Tomatoes can be added to any dish and you can choose to mix them up by having the different types that are out there for you.

Pink Grapefruit 

Did you know that pink grapefruit contains a high amount of lycopene which is one of the most powerful antioxidants out there. It's also packed with Vitamin C and because of the colour of this fruit it also means it's packing bioflavanoids, another compound that boosts the immune system. On a side note, consuming this fruit before a workout is also a good idea as it can dilate blood vessels allowing more oxygen and blood to get to your muscles. It's a win, win with this fruit!


This vegetable and others like broccoli, Brussels sprouts and so on contain choline which helps keep your cells functioning properly. Cauliflower contains gluthathione which is another powerful antioxidant responsible for fighting infections when you're sick


One of the best foods out there is eggs and the yolks in particular contain a high amount of protein, zinc and selenium which can all help with boosting your immune system.


This spice is absolutely amazing and can help fight all sorts of infections and illnesses which will keep you feeling great. This is a perfect ingredient to add to your morning porridge, tea or coffee and will keep you fighting fit.


I'm sure when you were younger your parents would always tell you to eat your greens and they were right to. Spinach and kale are amazing vegetables high in Vitamin C and antioxidants that fight off infections but also regenerate others within the body. Add these two greens to any meal and you will feel the amazing benefits they give you, these are a must in my opinion!

When you next go shopping you can add these foods to your list and feel safe knowing you are doing everything possible to keep your immune system in full force against infections and sickness bugs. Remember that constant vigorous exercise without rest can weaken your immune system so I always recommend giving yourself at least one day off a week, especially if you're prone to picking up an infection.

Train smart, Eat smart, have fun! :)

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