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Hey I'm Laurie, I run my own personal training business in Hexham 'LJPhysiques', not long ago I won a Discount Supplements competition and received some amazing ADAPT Nutrition products...I'd never heard of ADAPT until then, but I'm glad I have now and I'll be using some of their products for my training in future :)

BCAA's Pineapple :- Definitely my favourite! The tub is almost coming to an end so I'm definitely going to order some more... so easy to drink, tastes lovely, mixes perfectly with water. A perfect way of getting BCAA's into you and well as keeping hydrated. I also received the ADAPT giant water bottle, which I love and I make sure I've finished the full bottle filled with pineapple BCAA's before I leave the gym.

Pre-Train Green Apple :- This is a really good pre workout, especially if you're after a more natural burst of energy! A lot of pre workouts make you itchy, jumpy and aggetated, whereas with this you just feel a rush of natural energy, which definitely pushes you through your workout! I would recommend this. My fiancé has also been sharing this and the BCAA's and loves them (unfortunately thats why they've gone down so quick!)

CreaTec Creatine Capsules and GH Assist Capsules - I definitely feel a difference, I don't usually take any supplements other than pre workouts and protein, so it's been nice to try out new things and I definitely think they've had a possible impact on my body. I've managed 2 new personal bests in flat bench press and DB Incline press, which I wouldn't have thought possible a couple of months ago. So I've definitely got stronger and my muscles seem to be repairing quicker as I'm training harder yet don't feel as stiff!

Thankyou very much to ADAPT Nutrition and Discount Supplements for the opportunity to try out these products, I will definitely be involving these in my future training!

Laurie - Discount Supplements

Laurie :)

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