ON Amino Energy RTD Review


An iconic product which many of us will have used at some point during our training lives, amino energy has a cult following. Perhaps due to a 'if it's not broke, don't fix it' mentality, ON have been quiet on the new release front until recently, continuing to be known for their range of high quality basics. This has all changed recently with the introduction of a new snack range (see our Whipped Bites review) and recently, a carbonated Amino Energy RTD.

Three flavours are currently available; Fruit Fusion, Lemon & Lime and Tropical.


One can:
-33 calories
-4g protein
-2.3g carbs
-0g fat

With calories that you would expect from most pre-workout and amino powdered drinks, these are accessible for most of us.

The dosage of each amino acid is the same as the powdered Amino Energy which I was pleasantly surprised to see. Many canned amino drinks actually contain as little as they can get away with!

Amino acids can be useful to:
-prevent a catabolic state
-assist muscle recovery and building
-curb appetite

Like the powder, there is also 100mg caffeine per serving. Not enough to make you jittery, but a nice pick me up.

In addition to the branched chain amino acids; leucine, isoleucine and valine, other impressive additions include: beta alanine, taurine, glutamine, green tea extract and even some vitamin C!


The fruit fusion flavour is delicious. Refreshing and gets more enjoyable as it goes on! These really are suitable for any time of day, whether you drink one on the commute to the gym or as a mid-morning boost.

I'd like to see these in some of the other amino energy flavours, such as blueberry!

Rating: 8.5/10

About the Author

Savannah Westerby. BSc Sport and Exercise Nutrition. Instagram: @savannahwesterby

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