Andy Smith's Body Transformation

Andy Smith

Age: 22 years
Weight: 86kg
Height: 6’4”
Body fat: 7%

Goal: To maintain optimal muscle mass whilst stripping excess body fat through intermittently changing between strength and hypertrophy exercises in order to minimise training plateaus.

Andy has been training seriously for 4 years starting when he was 18 at which time he weighed a bulky 110kg, with a body fat of approx 15-20%. He managed to keep his training regimen interesting by changing between high volume low weight and high weight low volume routines. Andy explains that alternating his exercises every 8 weeks or so kept his training from stagnating, which in turn constantly shocked his muscles maximising his gains!

He feels a lot of his gains are testimony to Layne Norton's Power Hypertrophy routine, which incorporates both strength and hypertrophy workouts.

Andy says:

When dieting I reduce volume and keep the weight heavy as possible, what builds muscle best will also maintain muscle best. I diet slowly (anywhere from 500kcal to 750kcal deficit per day) and following an intermittent fasting protocol with BCAA's during the 12 hour fasting period along with low intensity cardio. I also calorie and carb cycle from higher carb and calorie with low fat on workout days to lower calorie and carb and high fat on non-workout days”.


Supplement staples include whey protein blends, sometimes Nutrisport 90+, Scivation Xtend BCAA's, Glutamine and a pre-workout nitric oxide optimiser.

For a naturally tall and lean chap, Andy has clearly dieted, supplemented and trained methodically to enable him to lay down a substantial amount of mass upon which he can build a well balanced, lean physique.

Great work!

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