Did You Know An Apple Could Wake You Up Better Than Coffee?

Did you know Apples could be more effective at waking you up than coffee? Coffee is a great morning drink to have if you are feeling groggy. An apple however, could be a better choice. To start with, apples contain fructose which is a natural sugar that will give you a boost of energy. An apple will roughly contain around 20 grams of carbohydrates which the body will use as fuel. There is also a high fibre content found within an apple and this will help with the natural sugars to be absorbed within the body at a slower rate. What does this mean? Well, when you drink your coffee, how often is it that you feel slightly groggy after drinking it? Perhaps a bit sluggish? Well, apples release the energy slowly and at a steady pace, leaving you feeling energised for longer. If this wasn't enough, apples have a high Vitamin B and C count and are virtually fat free, containing no more than 100 calories.

Next time you think about wanting an energy boost first thing in the morning, go for the fruit bowl instead of the kettle ;).

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