Are You A Runner, Cyclist, Swimmer, Lifter? Here's What YOU Need!!


It doesn't matter if you perform mostly cardiovascular or resistance based exercises, you still need to include staple supplements into your diet. How many of you think that because you are performing cardiovascular exercise you should consume more carbohydrates? Does your nutrition differ depending on what type of exercise you are going to put yourself through? There are a couple of supplements you should be using if you aren't already getting them from your diet. Key point to note here is that I am not a sales person who is trying to push you into buying supplements. No, my job is to remain impartial but help you where you need it, in this case, to maximise your chance of reaching your goals.


It may sound a little silly and you might be thinking why I am going back to the basics, but all will be revealed momentarily. You see, many of you understand the concept of why you need proteins, carbohydrates and fats in your diet, especially if you are someone who exercises regularly. Around this sort of time more and more of you will start to change your body shape by increasing cardio and watching what you eat. 'Tis the season to be lean' is just around the corner and the struggles you may face getting lean may arise if you don't give your body what it needs.


Supplements only work if you have a good diet to match your exercise routine, these two go hand in hand nicely. So before you look at any supplements, make sure you are eating a balanced and healthy diet to meet your needs.

Do you Run, Cycle, Swim or Lift?

So it really doesn't matter what type of exercise you perform as your muscles are going to be worked and they do so to power you along. All the above forms of exercise all work your body and your muscles right? Recently i have spoken to people who do not consume protein before or after a cardiovascular session? Why? The answers I get are because it is cardio, your body needs carbohydrates and not protein to fuel your body. While this is true and your body does need the carbohydrates to convert into energy, it also works your muscles. Your number one nutrient for your muscles is protein!!

The Supplements You Need

Regardless the activity you are doing your body is going to need a source of protein so that your muscles are fueled and ready for the session. This is similar to going off on a long journey but not having enough petrol in your car, you won't get very far!! Whey protein before a training session is just as important as the carbohydrates you consume beforehand. Your muscles need protein to function and it is needed after to help repair them. Make sure you get enough protein, a good rule of thumb is to have 1gram of protein per pound of bodyweight.

The other supplement I believe which should be a staple in your range if you aren't already getting enough through your diet is BCAAs. These beauties are great for enhancing muscle strength, endurance and again giving your muscles the right fuel they need. Branched Chain Amino Acids contain Leucine which is the building block of protein for your muscle. Isoleucine and Valine are also other ingredients which are useful to your muscle.

These two supplements should be used when you need them but ultimately your diet is the number one focus. However, if you need to consume around 200g (say approx 1.5-2g protein per kg bodyweight) of protein per day, it is easier and more convenient to use a shake so that you meet your protein requirements.

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