Why Does Asparagus Make Your Pee Smell?

This is not an article, so don’t expect intricate, technical answers to all that is asparagus and smelly urine. However, the title does raise a valid question…why is it that the morning after you consume asparagus does your pee smell different to normal? Beet root makes your pee turn reddish/pink, asparagus makes it smell, so what is the deal here!?

Well, asparagus contains a sulphurous compound called mercaptan (which is also found in rotten eggs, onions and garlic). During the digestion of mercaptan, the by-products cause this strange yet distinctive smell. This is such a fast process that your urine can smell within 15-30mins after ingestion! However, only a certain number of people possess the enzyme responsible for the breakdown of mercaptan, so not everybody produces the odour, nor can everybody actually smell it.

Hope this clears up that mystery a little.


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