The Back Attack Workout That Will Literally Give You Wings


Building a good set of back muscles is just as important in my eyes as building a pair of functional leg muscles, purely due to the large amount of muscle groups within both areas. Just because you can't see it doesn't mean you shouldn't train it and believe me when I say this, I still know people who say they don't bother training their back. Or, if they do train their back muscles, it is a half hearted session because they can't see them. You'll be happy to know, I don't ever want to train with people like that, or roll with them in the gym. With that said though, it is important to work your back to balance out your physique especially when training other parts.

Red Bull Gives You Wings

We have all heard of the above saying, ' red bull gives you wings' well, in this post I am going to focus on the exercises which are going to give you the width you desire from your workouts. So these exercises are what you need to focus on if you want to build more width across your back...

Wide Grip Pulls Ups

So the absolute mother of all exercises when it comes to building a wide back, is wide grip pull ups that target your lats. This muscle is the large one that runs along the side of your back and will give you your wings. Performing this exercise first on the bars can really work your back, especially over the course of 4-5 sets. If you are fairly good at wide grip pulls up with your body weight then look to add additional weight through attaching plates or dumbbells to your person. An additional 5-10 kgs might not sound a lot but it will make a huge difference. Arnie used to say that wide grip pull ups were the foundation of his back workout, making sure that he reps out as many as he can on this exercise to notice a difference.

Bent Over Rows

Wide grip bent over rows with an Olympic bar straight after performing pull ups is going to keep the burning sensation alive in your back muscles. Wide grip bent over rows really work the rear deltoids, teres minor and major, lats and core muscles, they are not to be taken lightly. Bent over rows are a great compound exercise that will build muscle and burn calories.

Lat Pulldown

Wide grip lat pulldowns are an additional isolation exercise you can perform for your lat muscles that will ensure growth and strength. This exercise when performed correctly can really help with your wide grip pulls ups too. Make sure when you do this exercise you keep your back straight and bring the bar down to your chest while squeezing your lat muscles.

Dumbbell Pullover

The final exercise for this back attack session is dumbbell pullovers on a bench. This exercise again focuses on your lat muscles and will also help open up the rib cage of your body. It is a great expansion exercise that will leave you feeling tired and worked after doing your sets and reps.

Give this workout a go and see how you get on

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