Average Christmas Dinner Poses Serious Long Term Health Risks

The average British Christmas sees the public consume a dangerous number of calories, doing unseen damage to the nation’s health.

• The average Christmas dinner in the UK requires two and a half hours of continuous running to prevent weight gain.

• A traditional British Christmas dinner contains 1992kcal, equal to the daily caloric allowance for an average female.

• The health risk is real, Brits will collectively put on over 19.5 million stone by New Year.

• New guide to post-Christmas weight loss helps counter negative effects.

Hull, December 2017

Research from Discount Supplements, an online retailer of health and fitness products, found that the traditional Christmas dinner contained 1992kcal, which is equal to the total daily allowance for the average female, or 79.68% of the daily allowance for men according to the NHS.

In order to burn a whole Christmas dinner, including pudding, the average, healthy female would need to run continuously for two and a half hours, covering more than 18 miles at a fast pace on a treadmill.

The health risk of over indulging on fatty foods and alcohol, mixed with an increase lack exercise and mobility in the winter month’s results in some severe health risks. Brits will collectively pile on more than 19.5 million stone by the New Year – the equivalent of 9,874 London double decker buses, vastly increasing the chance of suffering from Diabetes and Heart Disease according to the British Heart Foundation.

Jon Hawkins, personal trainer and advisor for Discount Supplements says: “People need to realise that they risk their health and well-being. Too much alcohol, fatty foods and not enough exercise, especially for those working office jobs can lead to long term health issues”

He went on to explain the dangers of excessive consumption over Christmas:

“Over Christmas, both our eating habits and our attitudes towards food tend to change. Many of us use the excuse that because Christmas is a time to kick back, we’re given the green light to over indulge on food and drink.”

According to NHS guidelines, adults aged 19-64 should do at least 150 minutes (two and a half hours) of moderate aerobic activity (cycling or fast walking) and strength-related exercises (weight lifting or yoga) two days a week.

Sadly this target isn’t being met, with statistics from the BHF revealing that a third of Brits do absolutely no exercise throughout December.

Jon went on to say that in order to burn off 1992kcal, the average Christmas dinner,“you would need to run for at least two and a half hours at a pretty swift 7.5mph. Fairly unachievable for the average person”.

Discount Supplements have released a FREE guide to weight loss post-Christmas.This handy guide includes helpful information about keeping healthy over the Christmas period,listing the number of calories in every food item that makes up a traditional Christmas dinner, and how long it would take to burn off using a number of different exercises.

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