Avoid On The Go Junk Food

We all know that fast food is bad for us, yet we are still prone to eating it because of the convenience. It always seems to be there when you are particularly hungry and vulnerable to caving in!

The National Institute of Nutrition and the World Health Organization have set benchmarks of how much salt, sugar, carbohydrates and fats every individual can have on a daily basis to stay healthy. A host of popular foods have been tested, such as crisps, soft drinks, burgers, chips and fried chicken and the results suggest that having just one serving of these foods completely overturns our daily diet.

Junk food is terrible for us in two fundamental ways. Firstly, they are basically empty calories. They are of little nutritional value to our bodies, high in fat and low in protein, complex carbohydrates and micronutrients, sending us on a downward spiral toward high cholesterol and obesity related illnesses much more rapidly than you may think (remember the man that ate McDonald’s for a month?). Secondly, because junk food is full of cheap carbohydrates you may find your energy crashing shortly after you have eaten. This causes us to feel hungry quicker which increases the likelihood that we will keep snacking and increase our daily calorie intake.

Healthy alternatives are available if you prepare yourself for the busy week ahead. In order to avoid the temptation of fast food, you need to have a ready supply of healthy snacks which will curb your appetite and keep you energised. Fruit, nuts and salads are the obvious choices. If you want a sandwich, make it yourself. It will be cheaper and much healthier without the additives, high GI bread and layers of mayonnaise typically found in ready-made versions. If you find yourself craving something bad, like chocolate or flapjacks, try a protein bar instead. There are bars in the industry now which taste amazing, will keep you feeling full and will supply your body with the nutrients it needs to be in great shape. XL Nutrition Xtra Protein Bars have a smooth chocolate coating, contain 25g of protein per bar and will leave you feeling full.

If you are tempted by fast food because you are trying to gain mass, don’t do it! Arm yourself with mass gainer shakes or try Maximuscle Progain Flapjacks to keep calorie intake high throughout the day without resorting to rubbish nutrition. Your body won’t appreciate junk food binges when you are in the gym!

On the go drinks can be even worse! Personally, I always carry a water bottle so that I can refill it and keep hydrated without spending excess cash. If you find yourself reaching for a can of coca-cola, keep in mind that it contains approximately 10 teaspoons of sugar. Again, this will give you energy highs and crashes, making you reach for something else to perk you up. Try Reflex Nutrition Whey Refresh for a tasty, ready to drink protein fuel ideal for today’s active lifestyle. It will help boost your energy levels, provide amino acids needed for muscle development, and it can also improve the health of your hair and skin.

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